Fifty-Word Short Story - Death delayed



(Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash)

Shouting shooting at the site.

Bleeding crawling brightest light.

Unknown culprit motive clear.

Sex and money's what they fear.

Footprint smaller maybe caught.

Maybe motive could be bought.

Vengeful sister did the deed.

Revenge wanted now she's freed.

Thus the story it's the most.

Happy ending for the ghost.

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  ·  작년

Nice poetic approach to the prompt!



Great poem, @celsius100. I really love it and, even if it's spooky, I was surprised to notice that these words remained in my mind. I even repeated the poem to my son. 🙂
Good job! 👍


That means so much! Thank you!


You are more than welcome and this was a well-deserved praise. It's one of the best poems I've read so far on Steemit. 🙂

  ·  작년

Nice! Very suspenseful and spooky story, @celsius100!

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