Of Baybayin, Diwata and Good Intentions In Preparation for A Walk of Hope

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A Baybayin chart by Gavino from the book Baybayin Atbp.
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The first leg of A Walk of Hope starts this March 31st 2018 geared for Dumaguete. And I feel very grateful as I've been directed to visit a province in the Central Luzon area this weekend- Zambales. It is approximately 9 hours away from Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Leaving Vigan, Ilocos Sur
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I chanced upon an event in San Felipe , Zambales. It was called DIWATA: A Sisterhood gathering and Self Retreat in time for this Women's Month Celebration. Diwata is a term in Philippine mythology which means a deity or spirit. These spirits were called for and envoked for health, growth, fortune, blessings etc. It was a 2 day celebration and I can only join at the last day in the afternoon. The DAY 2 activities were more open for all : Yoga, Natural Soap Making, Baybayin Script Writing, and Music Making. So I decided to bring some of my instruments with me hoping that maybe ( based on the definition of Diwata ) this is indeed a first step to bless my journey.

Soap making
Photo credit by D. Mendoza

Photo credit by D. Mendoza

Open jam
Photo credit by D. Mendoza

Merry music making
Photo credit by D. Mendoza

Photo credit by D. Mendoza

Maybe things really do happen for a reason. Maybe I was called there for the positive energy and vibes. Maybe it was a good idea that I unloaded the instruments inside my Special Edition Venado Habagat. Maybe I could echo the workshops to the communities I will visit . And yes, Baybayin may be a good unifying factor in my walk. I maybe able to research how Baybayin is written by different regions or if there exists one at all. This will help revive the Pre Historic Filipino Writing System incorrectly known as Alibata.

Aside from San Felipe , I was also able to visit San Antonio. But I did not go to the famous beaches , resorts and tourist destinations. Instead, I went to San Miguel Beach where I witnessed the beautiful sunsetting while the San Miguel Boots were practicing their back flipping routine etc.

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Let me close by simply saying, Satibay mga, Diwata. Hanggang sa susunod pang preparasyon para sa nalalapit ngang Lakad ng Pag-asa ( A Walk of Hope)

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What's all that baybayin kuya?


The Diwata Sisterhood Gathering invited my friend Diyaki to share Baybayin-the ancient writing system of us Filipinos before the Spaniards. It used to be called Alibata and that's a misnomer . We now politically correctly call it Baybayin meaning syllabary or to syllabicate the way our forefathers used to.


Perhaps you should talk more of baybayin..only from a couple of artists did i hear it from.