El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

3년 전

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The trailer for the sequel to Breaking Bad, entitled El Camino, is now available. The film will be distributed by Netflix but the creators are Vince Gilligan and the original Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul team.

Apparently the story continues just after what happened in the final episode of Breaking Bad and the story will follow the adventures of Jesse Pinkman who is pursued by the authorities.

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Breaking Bad is a total masterpiece. I cannot wait to watch this movie and good thing the producers are the same from Breaking Bad and Better call Saul.

I just watched the content that will be produced by Disney+ and the Apple streaming service, and whoa! Netflix is going to have some hard core competition in the coming months.

Great for the consumers :D

Btw, I imagine you already know Matrix 4 is being produced with Neo, Trinity and the producer will be one of the 2 siblings from the original trilogy. Nice stuff!


Yes! Great projects with high expectations are coming. Matrix 4 is simply something I would never have thought, without a doubt it is a big surprise. About Breaking Bad, well, I have nothing to say, I think it's the best show I saw in my life.

Thanks for commenting, I hope you have an excellent day!