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Synopsis: TV series (1997-Present). Animation series with a lot of black humor that narrates the adventures of four very hooligan boys who live in the peculiar city of South Park, Colorado.

To start South Park is dynamic, it does not stay the same during its 10 years. The death of Kenny was, during the first seasons a recurrent joke, but already to the third the own creators begin to mock their own idea. Kenny is still dying but that does not surprise the characters themselves.
Out of that gag none was repeated too much, none took to boredom. New concepts are always born that are exploited, the secondary characters gain much prominence (Butters, gained weight in the series itself until its climax to become Professor Chaos) and there are chapters dedicated entirely to these characters.
On the other hand many to the first class SP as a children's series.
SP hides below criticism of society. We must understand that this criticism obviously responds to the beliefs of the authors. Analyzing the series you can see how they attack, the parents' disinterest towards their children, the hypocritical society, the racial prejudices, the stupidity of the government and a long list.
At the same time, using 8-year-old boys has a heavy burden. Although they are rude and very adult, they are still boys and that is reflected in many chapters where they do "bad" things but without knowing it and in a very innocent way.
Chapters such as the parody of LotR, where the boys carry a porn without knowing it, believing that it is a copy of the movie and only want to return it because it is causing strange things is a clear example of the innocence of the protagonists.
It is also critical that Cartman is the engine of the series. No doubt he is the one who creates in 90% of the episodes the conflict situation, but in all the series there is a protagonist and even if in the Simpsons we eliminated Homer the series would disappear altogether.
That is why SP has a more profound content than it seems at first sight, it has an acid criticism of American society, from a point of view that we can share or not, but that exists.
That is why those who criticize SP as a series without depth are sinning from a simplified and uncompromising analysis of the series.
I believe that SP evolves and maintains the same basic pattern, changes and reinvents itself day by day.
On a slightly more personal level I think the Simpsons do not have that ability to modify their own schemes and they keep the same gags from the beginning of the series, that's the big difference that made me abandon that series to the 10th season when I really felt that the product was completely exhausted.
SP is already in its 10th and it will be a matter of seeing if it can stay fresh until the 12th that is already contracted. Also, we must not forget that after the Simpsons this series is the one that follows in terms of time in the air, so for something it will be.
I hope that the next criticism is not based on just seeing a few chapters or on a superficial analysis. As Gandalf said, "Not all gold shines."

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