Wake Up Cafe: Matrix, Divergent, Arrival - "What Do These Films Reveal About The Transition In Consciousness From His Story To Her Story?"

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"In the first Wake Up Cafe online gathering for 2017. Anaiis Salles with Sienna Lea shares their perspective on rapid and powerful shifts in mass consciousness generated by these iconic feature films. We transition from domination of Artificial Intelligence in a world destroyed by war to a world where a war between worlds is pre-empted by the intuitive communication process led by an ordinary woman holding her own in a warrior dominant setting. How are we being invited to change?"

The Matrix. 1999. Divergent. 2014. Arrival. 2016.

 "What do each of these films reveal to us about the transition in consciousness from His Story waning to Her Story rising?" 

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Wake Up Cafe: Matrix, Divergent, Arrival
Recorded January 15th, 2017

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