A Filmphotographers Delight: The Nikon F4 + Nikon 28-70/2.8: A Real Weapon!

5개월 전

delight F4E.JPG

It's fast, it's heavy, it's solid like a rock, plus a very bright lens.

Nikon F4E
Nikon 28-70/2.8
right now loaded with Ilford HP5

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I love the F4! One of the best ever built!

I still have my F4s.
Used it a lot and never let me down. I should pick it up again.

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A friend of mine has that same combination and uses it regularly and even though he has digital cameras this is still his favorite

Such a fantastic beast, and a total upper body workout 😂

Nice! I use the good ol Nikon f2


I'm also still using my FM2 a lot!


Nice just started following you lets support each other. Love coming across new photographers on steemit!


Top, all for it ;)

That is fantastic! I still have my very, very old Zenit, but I don't use it anymore!

Wow! This is no ordinary camera! But we could hardly find films here!

My friend used to show me his F1 while I had a very old Canon!

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You have a nice peaceful weapon :) I used to have a Pentax SLR camera and enjoyed traveling around with it. Especially in India. But I sold it as it was too heavy for me. I always miss the quality even smart phones can do quite a lot these days. So I think about buying one after my daughter walks by herself completely for a day :D


I started with an Ashai Pentax 30 years ago. It was a lovely piece! Then I switched to Nikon for good.
Those cameras were unaffordable back then; now the F4 goes for 200 bucks! The lens is still pricey though!

Nice set up. I like heavy cameras!

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Heard nothing but good about the F4. Sadly, was before my time in photography. :0


You can get the F4 for ~200 bucks ;)
The lens is a bit more costly though...


Reckon so. :) I'd also like to be able to develop my own film, so that would be another thing to deal with should I enter the analog world. Some day...

Cool old camera, they certainly made them tuff, cheers mate.

Looks very nice! What shutter speed does this go up to?


The F4 goes up to 1/8000!


Wowza!! that's one speedy snapper!! I'll be keeping my eye out for one of these :) Thanks for the info