All Alone in the Desert: On The Road in Morocco

7개월 전


Me and my bus in the middle of: All the sky, all the hills, all the grass, dust and sand. And, which is very precious in Morocco: All Alone for 2 Days! Didn't see a single soul.

cross-processed on Agfa RSX100 4x5 using a Graflex camera

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Cross-processing & landscape: A very unusual mixture; working well!

Splendid isolation my friend, cheers.

How nice to be camping in the wilderness! Watching the stars at night too.

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That's what I love about being on the road!

Amazing. Looks so serene. I get all hot and tired thinking of lugging a large format camera through the desert...

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That's why I usually don't stray far from the bus ;)


Oh yes, indeed ;)