Somewhere along the R501, Morocco, Original Contact Print

3개월 전


A nice and unusual composition from the roadside in Morocco;
shot as usual from the roof of my bus, using a Tachihara 8x10 camera,
a Fujinon 300mm lens and Kodak 160NC film.

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Simply gorgeous colours and layers of reality! Too subtle and delicate to comprehend in one encounter.

Your mind eyes are very different from most people!

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I have to say, @kaminchan, your comments really are an inspiration!
Thanks, and all the Best from the roads!
(which right now is a small hill top somewhere in Toscany)


Thank you for your generosity and support.
But your work speaks for themselves! In another lifetime, you could have been one of those famous painters! Nobody knows how to take photos like this any more.


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