Film Photography - Welcome to Porto


Ultramax 400. Click on the image for full size!

Ultramax 400. Click on the image for full size!

Location: Baixa, Porto, Portugal
Camera: ZORKI-4
Lens: ‎Jupiter 8 (sonnar) 50mm f/2
Film: Kodak Ultramax 400

#filmphotography #photography #streetphotography #PT #Porto

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It been awhile, but I am thrilled to still see you here! I find myself thinking about you whenever Hong Kong is in the news. Hope you're well. Cheers.


hi @sloe! thanks for the message...absolutely no words to describe the situation here...should wake at 6am tomorrow to get some shots...though, it feels kind of dangerous to take photos these days. not to mention the unbreathable air of continuous tear after day it's hundreds of china made tear gas cans dropped almost everywhere...


Wear a good mask and drink lots of clean water? You are witnessing an amazing and heartbreaking moment in history, I hope you can document and share your space in this madness. It's important.

Stay safe my friend.