Stasis (film) : No budget, terrible acting... MST3K fans will enjoy

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I am one of those people that enjoys a low-budget film from time-to-time. I can also appreciate the fact that good actors come with a hefty price tag. I was in a couple of films with next to no budget here in Thailand and the end-result is actually pretty humorous. I think Stasis had a decent concept, but they took themselves entirely too seriously and when you have no budget, I feel as though going for a science fiction theme involving time travel is probably one of the last genres you should consider.

Cloud Atlas you say? That sounds somewhat familiar...

The description of the film on Netflix drew me in as it referred to something along the lines of in 2067

"Seven billion people were killed in the last Great War. Not all at once, though. It takes time to wipe out an entire species. We are the survivors....We have a choice. We can either carve out a new future for ourselves on this tombstone of a dying planet, or go back to that fairy tale. And try again."

There is some chatter online about this movie being pretty much an exact replica of a Netflix original called "Travelers" and if that is the case, this certainly wouldn't be the first time that a studio decided to copy a successful idea with no money. I guess there is a market for that sort of thing.


It starts out interesting enough with a couple of people wandering the post apocalyptic year 2067 wasteland. The wasteland is likely just some Arizona back lot and the directors were too lazy to even get rid of the tire tracks in the background. I suspect, as they constantly quote in MST3K, "They just didn't care."

The two agents (the ones walking through the back parking lot of Home Depot above) get "downloaded" into bodies in the years 2017. They don't get to choose the bodies, but the "skin" they receive have to be someone who recently died. One such "skin" ends up being a rebellious teen named "Ava"


Ava is played by an unknown actress named Anna Harr and she is likely the only person in this film that can act even a little bit. Her portrayal of an I-hate-my-mom-and-paint-my-fingernails-black-to-prove-this teen is quite brutal, to the point where you actually feel bad for her on-screen mother, who cannot act. She dies in a drug overdose and one of our Home-Depot parking lot agents takes over her body.


Ava and her team have a hideout that is pretty much an embodiment of how little money these film-makers were dealing with because it is meant to be futuristic, but basically it is just a bunch of wires and pipes arranged in someone's garage.

One would imagine that since these agents were sent back in time to stop nuclear war, that they would need to infiltrate Washington D.C. or some level of government, but they seem pretty content to sort out the world's issues in California high schools.

this is the official trailer, courtesy of Moviefone

Now, i would just normally tell everyone to stay well away from this movie because it is really really awful. However, I think it kind of depends on whether or not you appreciate films like "The Room." I was always a big fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) and if you were as well, you might appreciate certain nuances about this film as a whole.

The story is dumb and poorly executed but is certainly understandable considering that it is extremely evident that the creators had very little money for such an ambitious project. If you go into this film being capable of appreciating bad acting and and an even worse script that boggles the mind that a studio would even attempt something like this.... then i think you will get some enjoyment out of it.

but only for the right type of person

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I just discovered (there isn't much info on this film available) that the entire production was done in 12 days on a budget of $100,000.


Seems like they wanted to finish this quickly because how bad it is. From your review and the trailer, it sounds and looks like a project done for compliance.


Ah. I never thought of that angle. Good point. Like a film actors guild thing or something

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100k? that is low budget! haven't heard a peep about this one !


There is probably a good reason for that. Haha

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Not really a movie I want to watch but thanks for the review.

The title reminded me of a character in a (japanese) light novel. She enjoys hunting for no budget & B-movies. I liked the scene where her companion started analysing a terrible movie and realized the work behind it.


well, the very low budget movies that i worked on in Thailand had almost zero stars in it except for one where Maggie Q was in it... and she isn't really that big of a name is she? I did get to meet McG during that film though and I have lines in it, so if it is ever released my name has to be in the credits. woo hoo!

However, prior to that i was an extra in a string of really bad films one of which where i was a part of an elite group of "giant insect hunters" called "Thorax"... our leader was Luke Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard. His name is Tom Wopat and i was a bit starstruck because I was such a fan of the TV show in the 80's.

He was surprisingly down to earth and pretty ok with the fact that the movie was shit. Whatever right? He's still getting paid.

Anyway, the point is that these films that i had minor roles in involved HUNDREDS of crew members and we would do the same scenes dozens of times. Assuming that everyone there has to be paid, including the lion's share going to the main cast and director, i can't imagine how thin the budget must have been spread on 100k.

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That does sound a lot like Travelers. That show was fantastic though. I really feel like it was one of the true gems on Netflix. I just watched episode 1 season 2 of The OA last night and I continue to be impressed by that show. It is really too bad they cancelled it. I am happy to see so many people upset about it though. It lets me know I am not alone in believing how great it is.

I personally feel like the rebellious teen I hate my parents thing gets way over done these days. You see it in pretty much every show and movie.


I agree about the rebellious teen thing... but they needed someone to die of a drug overdose so who better than that character right?

I have heard from multiple people that Travelers was a pretty decent show and I might just have to check it out!

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I'm no critic, but it kept me entertained!