Chinese stocks oversold accumulation beginning.

3년 전

There will be a mega rally on the chinese new year and the start of a new bull market. The fear mongering complex trump has began is overblow and many chinese stocks listed on US exchanges are in oversold territory. Institutional buyers are taking advantage of retails selling out and hedge fund investors are covering their shorts. This can be seen in plain sight with the pick up in volume and technical indicators also gaining steam.

If you check the accumulation swing index you begin to see a slowing curve and within the next couple of weeks we should start noticing an upward movement. Be on the the look out and keep positions small untill further confirmation.

Be on the lookout for more articles I will be publishing soon to prove this thesis. This is an excerpt I wanted to get out there because I truely believe there are some great buying opportunities out there.

This article is for education purposes only invest at your own risk.

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