Partial Strike At Montreal Port Disrupting Supply Chain, Piling On Extra Costs, Shippers And Manufacturers Warn - [2021-04-18 1E1A6R]

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Women are leaving work and taking up the burden of care during pandemic, benefit data suggests: Stefanie Marotta

Mothers in provinces heavily hit by school closures during the pandemic appear to be stepping away from their careers to provide childcare and homeschooling at a disproportionate rate, government data tied to the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB) sugg…

Where to invest when markets are at all-time highs: Larysa Harapyn

Dennis Mitchell, CEO and CIO of Starlight Capital, talks with Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about the risks and possible rewards of the pandemic stock market.

  • 'If you think Toronto is unaffordable now, you wait': CIBC's Benjamin Tal on …

    Federal budget to include digital and luxury levies, but no wealth tax, sources say: Reuters

    The federal budget proposes a sales tax for online platforms and e-commerce warehouses and a luxury tax on items like yachts and aircraft.

    Federal budget to unveil new spending on childcare, hiring subsidies and luxury and digital taxes: Bloomberg News

    By the time all the money is out the door, Trudeau will probably have accumulated more debt than all 22 prime ministers who preceded him combined

    Terence Corcoran: The new Liberal fiscal model is a deep black hole thanks to Chrystia Freeland: Terence Corcoran

    Freeland’s budget Monday is expected to launch Ottawa into the fiscal stratosphere with the greatest peacetime explosion of debt and spending in Canadian…

    Former industry minister takes parting shot at Canada's risk-averse business community: Kevin Carmichael

    Navdeep Bains earlier this spring spoke to me about his tenure as industry minister, which inevitably led to questions about Canada’s eroding competitiveness. He said that he thought he’d done a pretty good job of creating the conditions for a more innovative…

    Putting their $580,000 in cash to work is key to this Alberta couple's retirement: Andrew Allentuck

    In Alberta, a couple we’ll call Mel, 54, and Mary, 48, are raising three kids — two approaching their teens and one aged seven. Their family net monthly income is $6,740. Their present $550,000 home doesn’t seem large enough and they want to move up to a $700…

    Partial strike at Montreal port disrupting supply chain, piling on extra costs, shippers and manufacturers warn: Avery Mullen

    Logistics firms and manufacturers are warning that a partial strike at the Port of Montreal will disrupt supply chains and potentially force factories to rack up extra costs. On Tuesday, longshoremen began refusing to work overtime and weekends, r…

    Diane Francis: Liberal vaccine failures could be the biggest scandal in Canadian history: Diane Francis

    Diane Francis: Liberal vaccine failures could be the biggest scandal in Canadian

    Investors should beware this quirk in the superficial loss rule when filing their taxes: Jamie Golombek

    While some of us wait with nervous trepidation for Monday’s federal budget to learn what tax changes may be in store, many of us are putting the final touches on our 2020 tax returns. This week, the Canada Revenue Agency reminded Canadians that the deadline r…

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