Finish The Story Contest - Week #61!

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Welcome, denizens of the ink, to our 61st Edition of the Finish The Story Contest! It's your resident squirrel, @Brisby, at the helm for another voyage through imagination. I would like to apologize for the lateness of this edition. There was a family emergency that took precedence to my time. I'm sure you've all been awaiting this next prompt offering with bated breaths 😉, so why don't we get to it?

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Good luck, brave storytellers!

Skin Deep

by @Brisby

"Our company stands by our satisfaction guarantee!" beamed the processing clerk with her row of brilliant white teeth.

Arnav returned her smile with a tight one of his own. That hadn't answered his question. Before he could repeat it again, the woman raised a pale green arm and gestured to the hallway on her left.

"Please proceed to the end of the hall to begin your procedure. We thank you for choosing DermaTru." Shimmering, the glass partition darkened as she turned from the console. Punctuating a blunt end to the transaction.

Arnav blinked, debating if he should knock on the blackened separator to demand a better response. Anxiety from the thought of creating a scene thrummed a timpani beneath his ribs. Lara would never forgive him for an embarrassing display in public. Besides, the blatant avoidance of his concerns had told him what he needed to know. There wouldn't be any going back.

Flickering screens aligning the hall were alight with a dazzling rainbow of customers. Each one a testimonial touting appreciation and joy for their operations. Waiting beside the iridescent number four in line, Arnav focused on one he hadn't seen before. A teary-eyed blue woman, Bonnie, was thanking DermaTru for giving her back her life.

"After my accident, I hid away." Sympathetic music underscored the images of a crumpled car and her body mottled with burn scars. "People would stare at me in the stores. I couldn't stand the looks in their eyes." The music swelled into inspirational notes as she continued, "Then I found DermaTru." Azure hands clasped over her heart as she stared from the screen, "They gave me more than the skin of my dreams, they gave me my life back."

A pneumatic hiss drew his attention as the door next to the screen slid open. Arnav's stomach flipped, readying to paint the floor with its own colorful mix of pastrami and bile. Closing his eyes, he forced down the nausea with measured breaths. There wasn't a reason to get himself worked up over this. There hadn't been a single case reported of nanite rejection. It was a simple and safe procedure performed by professionals.

His tremoring hands and quaking knees refused to acknowledge his attempts to calm himself. How like his life, even his own body ignored him.

But, all that would change after today. One quick injection and Arnav would have his wife smiling at him again. His Lara would be happy again. His hands fisted. He could do anything so long as it was for her. His knees eased their quivering. Anything to have her look at him again with something other than disappointment. His eyes opened.

Rallied by the thought of seeing love in Lara's eyes, Arnav stepped forward into the implantation room.


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Wow bris, talk about an opening that is just impossible not to go for. I could have written far too many endings for this, but ultimately, you created a character and a world too tempting to resist!


Thank you for the wonderful compliment, Calluna! I'm very happy that you were tempted. 😉


Sweet! Thanks for joining in the challenge again, Darthgexe!

My Entry: Skin Deep


Happy to have you join the fun again, Vida-blanca!


In comes our veteran, Sarez, with another excellent story! Thank you!

Here be my entry to round 61 (has it really been going that long?)


It's terrific, isn't it? We're still going strong into our second year and it's thanks to the efforts of so many amazing tribe members like you that this is still so much fun! Happy to have you writing with us again!

The first crimson drops flow courtesy of you, Gaby!

Finally!! My story is written and posted. I've had great fun reading the other entries this week. With each, the suspense mounted: will my idea be taken? Phew, no. So here it is, @brisby, AKA @bananafish. Perhaps not worthy of your rich beginning, but certainly a reflection of the creative opportunity you offered to us.

Celadons: Finish the Story #61


You gave us a complex and intense story, Agmoore! Thank YOU for jumping in again to write with me and for such a wonderful read!




Glad to hear it, Tristan! Your entry was a trip and will have me looking sideways at Donald Duck pics for awhile.

A brisby edition ? Can't miss this one. Have to clear the desk, read the beginning and do my best to match her squirrelly talents.


Aww! (Again you've me blushing which is hilarious to see with my fur.) You've me smiling from your enthusiasm and I hope my beginning proves worthy of a cleared desk, Agmoore! 🤗

Agmoore Squirrel gif.gif
I still love this!


You brought the family :))
I haven't read buried in research on the sciatic nerve (don't ask--but I'll get a blog out of it). Looking forward to seeing what you have created.
Have a wonderful Sunday Brisby (almost over!(

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