Finish The Story - Week #62!

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Welcome, dear writers, to our 62nd Edition through the playgrounds of the fantastic!

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This is @dirge, by the way.

good luck, brave storytellers.

Tired Eyes

The mercedes pulled up beside the bar and the couple stepped out, laughing. The man wore a gold chain and a jersey. The girl was done up fly with a full body and lips. He held her in his arms and she kissed him. Not the kind that anyone, if they lived long enough, would know as fake. Not that contrived giggle or forced smile. It was the way she touched him. The hands. That takes a whole other level to manipulate, and the kind of person it takes to do that is either crazy or manipulative or both.

Gabrielle knew it. She’d seen it, been there, and lord the world would know one day. When her friends or family came through. When her brother stopped caring about anyone but himself and decided to finally come and help his little sister, alone, an old woman, living on the streets of Chicago.

The club was a good spot to panhandle. Thursdays were the hot nights for it. Other street folk come out in droves, sure. But Gabrielle, or L as they called her, defended her territory. They didn’t expect a woman to fight the way she did. But she could stand her ground. They didn’t grow up like her and her brother. And sometimes things broke you or made your stronger and well.

“Made me stronger. I lived,” she said outloud. A couple passed by and L stared them in the eyes, holding her tin mug. They ignored her.

“I’ve seen it, the star in the sky black as night and burning flames. Carcarocalee. Carcarocaloo. Carca.”

A quarter fell into her cup and she thanked them, keeping her eyes on the new car that pulled up to the club. The men stepped out, faces covered in masks, pistols at the ready. They stepped inside and the gunfire began. Through the screaming and running, L had the strangest notion.

“I should go in there.”

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thanks for the support @crowdmind


excellent! looking forward to reading it!

First blood!


looking for to reading!

I've been riding around on a busted bike frame for the last year and it finally officially broke about five days ago. I was able to get a frame from the bicycle kitchen and move everything from my old frame to the new one. I've got a decent bike again.

I think this story is a little dry but here it is.


I ride a bicycle everyday. frames are important, as are brakes and, most importantly, a helmet! wear one!


About that helmet ...

Hopefully I get in under the wire. If not, I had fun with this one. Thanks for the great prompt @dirge.


excellent. you're fine time-wise. looking forward to checking this one out!