BlockPay app v1.5.9 is out and recent updates!

4년 전

BlockPay app v.1.5.9

Updates and fixes:

  • In this version, we cleaned up the settings screen quite a bit
  • Removed more of the redundant stuff that just annoyed people

At the end of this coming week, we will start cleaning up the Blocktrades screen too so that it is easier to get the app setup initially. Lots of cpu/mem/bandwidth and speed improvements in this release.

Known issue:

  • Transactions screen is disabled for now and still needs to be upgraded to our new graphenej library and it looks like hell imo.


Have you seen new Vblog on our YouTube Channel?

We have introduced new team member — Elia that’s now our Business Development Manager!

In the meantime, our BlockPay World Tour continues!

As an example, our CMO Rodrigo Crespo and country manager of Mexico AngieVillareal had a chance to attend Expo Antad & Alimentaria event in Monterrey, Mexico and had a great time there meeting lots of people and making new connections! Take a look at our Twitter Moment to get the whole experience ;)

P.s. also read everything about BlockPay ITO Tour and the recent event in Munich!

Want to be a part of the BlockPay community? Try our App right now!→Download BlockPay App v.1.5.9 on Google Play

For more information on BlockPay visit our website or for any inquiries send Chris or Rodrigo an e-mail at,

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  ·  4년 전

Great works guys, BlockPay is leading the market in bringing digital currencies to thousands of merchands. Can't wait to see all the products coming up this year. I'm continuosly building relationship that will help bring BlockPay products here.


Thanks a lot for your kind words and most importantly for your help and support! We're really excited to bring more products to the market and working very hard on them at the current time! Stay tuned because there are many surprises coming up this year ;)