This World is on Fire!

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Silly music video

So there's ash on the ground and a pretty close fire going on.



My girlfriend and one roommate have already evacuated. My Girlfriend is from a small mountain town in the forest and it really puts her on tilt when it comes to fire... you know... because it can like kill you instantly if you live in the forest and she's had to evacuate a dozen times in the past. Luckily the freeway is serving as a good barrier at the moment. No official evacuation orders in sight, but the fire departments are spread pretty thin.

Amazon SMF5 is closed and they are paying everyone who's lost work... so that's interesting. Also interesting is my trust of the establishment in this case. I trust them to tell me when to leave. That doesn't happen very often. Maybe it's just because I don't want to be inconvenienced. Honestly though... I'm not really worried... like at all.


I probably should be worried.

The tires on my car are absolutely thrashed. I was told to replace them years ago, and here I am driving on them as they crack and unravel with a nail in one that forces me to pump up that tire every time I get gas. Like a boss.


There's more ash on the ground than I've ever seen. I remember back in the day (2007?) the fires in San Diego were really bad. The air quality back then was absolutely heinous (way worse than now) but there was no ash on the ground. The sight of ash is somewhat triggering. But again, I'm not too worried about it. This entire town would probably have to burn to the ground for my house to get taken out.

It's times like this I ask myself...

if my house burns to the ground how much crypto am I going to lose?

Luckily the answer is zero as I have good backups and a fireproof option from COBO.


Embarrassingly enough, I'm also holding quite a bit of Bitcoin on the exchanges, which is immune to fire but not super resistant to loss :D Luckily it's spread out between multiple exchanges, and the chance of simultaneous failure would be unprecedented.

Pics or it didn't happen.


My phone camera sucks so couldn't get it in focus, but the sun is a little bit redder than that from the ash.

I had to stop myself a few times from staring directly into it (like dumbass Trump) because it looks so crazy.


This is a drop in the bucket, a little taste, of the hardship I believe is in front of me and the rest of the world. Thanks for the heads up, Satan! Always nice to have some warning signs. And there are a plenty. Doesn't bother me though; was even expected.

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You tell um, Bruce!

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