[IMPORTANT]Everything what do you must know about fire in Australia

2개월 전

We talk about the biggest fire of wooded area in the all earth. Scientists and researchers have already confirmed to us that more than a million hectares of land have burned down, and this is just the beginning of this disaster. Australian Prime Minister Scot Morrison not so long ago defended the Australian coal industry, which is in my opinion very responsible because everyone is aware of the situation regarding greenhouse gases our planet is. Some countries and countries are trying to do something in this direction, but there are also those that only pretend to do something with it. In some countries there are inadequate people for their bra. We can't do anything about it because there is democracy and we don't have to look at these "terorists" of our planet. Information has appeared that in Australia several, if not more than a dozen species of animals have disappeared, including a total of about 480 million animals. Fire it is still going on or even more could disappear. In small villages there is a shortage of electricity, food and water, people are afraid for their belongings and children. Many countries show their support by sending food and special forces among others. The biggest smog in history is still hovering over Australia that harms a lot of people. Smoke that rises creates its own weather, the Tasman Glacier has been covered in pink and yellow dust. In this situation, society must think about what it does and how it does, it is impossible to poison our planet with which we do not live alone We often forget about defenseless animals that did no harm to us, and this one many must suffer through our stupidity. I wrote the text based on the message and my own knowledge.

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