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If you are fairly active, physically during the day, check out Actifit. If you link your steemit account with actifit, you can acrue rewards on both platforms when you post your daily Actifit report.

As for Splinterlands....
Study your opponents' moves. Each splinter has it's own gimmick. Fire is not better than water, Earth is not better or worse than Water, etc. But there IS a definite pattern to winning for each deck. Each deck as a tank, support, damage, and buff/debuff set up. Knowing THAT, and then using that info to create a strategy is what will get you a win. ...usually. The random rule-set changes can really throw a curve ball sometimes. But that can be a huge advantage for you sometimes. I have seen level 1 cards tear right through level 4+ with the right combo of rule-sets.

Biggest bit of advice tho: relax!
Every 15 days the "season" resets. EVERYONE gets knocked down from their perch on the ladders, and tossed back in the "pit of competition." ... Just to crawl back out of it and clamor for the top spots again with the new season. You will be one of them. You will get beaten down again and again. But you will also rise up. Further and further as you level up your cards and get more adept at the gimicks and strategies.

And if your stomach is strong enough, and you can tolerate some crass-if not accurate advice... hit up the game's discord channels. (the giveaway and contest channels are worth looking into )


Thanks I appreciate that.

I don't have any advice, but I'm curious, if you don't mind my asking, how you were introduced to Splinterlands and what about it motivated you to join?


I was already in TRON for the dapps and then I noticed Splinterlands when they had their fundraising; I contributed a ton of SEED tokens and got a bunch of rewards out of it and ever since then I haven't stopped playing.

Recently I bought 100 packs! I didn't think I'd ever do that, but it's a fun game. :D

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