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Today I am back in the gym and training hard!!! In this video you will see my full workout with @ivargereiko! and I actually came when they were finishing training with @nanzo-scoop! and can i just say Tony is looking great!

@ezzy & @rea i think its time you two get into the gym and join the fitness crew :P heheh !!

We did upper and lower body, you can see in the video and in some of the pictures!!

How often do you work out?

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Well done Alla! Great work!!! Improvements are unreal! Xxxxxx


thank you! all big big thanks to you :)) xxxxxxxxx

Greetings, sweet and beautiful allasyum

Yeah, you said you went back to training today. It reminded me that I also need to get back to mine. I went through a very bad event last year and from there, I gained about 10 kilos and stopped practicing physical activity, because I was very upset about what happened. It's complicated, right? This situation pushed me too far down. But gradually I am recovering. I hope to return to physical activity in the second half of this year. Initially, I'll start with hiking. Afterwards, walks interspersed with races and then only races. When I have lost some weight and have a better physical preparation, I will return to bodybuilding ....

It's good that you practice physical activity. I know the benefits that sports bring to our health and mind.

Thank you very much for the post and have a good day !!!!!


thanks so much, glad to hear that you are motivated to train now!!


thank you too!!!

You picked a great photo for the cover frame haha. Nice bum, where ya from?
I try to workout 4-5 days a week, usually a back/biceps day, chest/triceps day, leg day and a shoulder hiit day. I also bike to work which is only about 4km each direction but it’s a good cardio to start/end the day


haha thanks! wow a lot of training! well done!!

Do you do an aerobic activity as well?

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Yeee back with the fitness vlogs :) already looking in shape, looking forward to the progress with james bond as a trainer (ivar) xD


hahah yeppp :D soon! btw there is supper club on 2nd of june!! still few spots left! maybe you wanna come with your gf?

@allasyummyfood workout will keep you for and improve your health positively. Nice one!


yes for sure )

that's awesome! pushing weights gives you a great peace of mind for the rest of the day :) good luck with your fitness journey

Appreciate you posting a fitness vlog/blog. Only started working out again after about a 3 month hiatus.

And, well, I woke up with some sore muscles. And was thinking of not going today. But, I realized I can do something else like go on a long bike ride.



yeah thats good ! as long as you start and it will go well :) trust me!! the hardest part is to stat!


Agreed! Starting is key!

You are really pretty
And working out makes you more beautiful
Keep it up dear
Have a great day

Once or twice a day here. Keep it up yourself!

Fitness and Gym very important in life and keep it Up Beautiful Friend. 😅

Get it! I pulled my obese self back from the brink of physical disaster.