Fitness Tuesday

3년 전

Fitness is 80% Nutrition and 20% exercise.
So it's not always exercise guys. It doesn't mean that you are working out a lot you can already eat more because you cannot outrun a bad diet. It's all about what you eat and the amount of calories you take and of course how much nutrition your getting on all those foods you eat.
1 pound o FAT is 3,500 CALORIES ( IF YOU WANT TO LOSE 1 LB PER WEEK, JUST BURN 500 CALORIES PER DAY MORE THAN YOU EAT. FITNESS IS A SCIENCE, NOT A MAGIC.) So make sure to eat right. Incorporate your meal with protein, carbs and fiber. Know the nutrients of the foods you eat. It has to be a complete meal which can supply all the nutrients your body needs. Again, feed your cells not your stomach. If you are getting enough nutrition plus incorporating it with exercise you are on the right track and you are almost there.. Just keep pushing.

Your upvotes, comments and resteems are deeply appreciated.
Have a fit and healthy tuesday.

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Good :) I'm a fitness enthusiast like you, keep going!


Wow.. Good to hear I have someone who has the
same passion as I. Thanks..

Healthy Body is Awesome. Thabks for sharing. Great post. Keep it up.

be fit and healthy.. oh i wish we have fitness gym here..

I hope to invite in our office here in cebu for our nutrition program. Nice post!