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Hi! It's important to work out when you feel ready for it. That being in the morning or in the evening. We all have different routines and schedules. Personally I must have had a meal before I exercise. So I ideally exercise around midday or later in the evening a few hours after dinner.

I usually only go for runs, but I used to be a gym rat in my younger days - and Ideally after hitting the muscles hard you should eat a larger meal afterwards. It's not make it or break it important, but muscles are happy when they are fed after being broken down during exercise. Thats how they grow.

Good luck!


I think I've reached the point where I'm ready. Thank you for the good Insight muscles definitely need to be fed after being broken down. Good luck with your daily runs.

Thank you for the upvote :)


Anytime, keep up the good work!!

Get to the gym fast, the body need work out (work in, work around 😁)


Thats true, will do.


I also need to go to the gym:((( sometimes I exercise at home but it's not the same as going to a gym and finding motivation.