One of the most noticed muscle groups on a well trained body as we go about our lives are the biceps. For one, most of the day we are wearing shirts (unless it is super cold or we have to wear long sleeves, in which case developed biceps can still be visible!). Even with cloth covering most of your hard work, your arms will always be a sight for all to see, so you might as well make them pop!
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Everyone differs in the exact exercise that will cause you to grow and develop in the most effective way. This is due to multiple factors including individual muscle belly length, muscle attachment sites, and overall arm length. Another point to mention before we begin, is to make sure you get all the other factors of muscle development working for you such as a well developed training program, diet, and rest.

Now, here are 2 bicep-exploding exercises:

The Incline Dumbbell Curl
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The Incline Hammer Curl
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These are by far my favorite bicep isolation exercises, and for 3 good reasons:

  • These particular exercises REMOVE MOMENTUM, such as the arm swinging you would see from a standing curl. This is due to being seated, so you are much less likely to “cheat curl” and use other muscle groups to compensate for your biceps.

  • As your arms drop down to the “rest” position at the bottom of the rep, you have to fight all the way back to the top. Due to one’s legs being unable to block the dumbbells from full extension, you have to get a FULL STRETCH.

  • When you focus on full muscle tension it becomes EASIER TO REACH FAILURE as you get closer to your final rep. You may also drop your weights nearly carefree due to them being so close to the ground.

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*None of my advice replaces the council or consent of a physician or professional trainer. This article assumes one is training naturally, without the use of performance enhancing drugs. Do your research to diet and exercise at your own risk. Heavy weights have the potential of being dangerous, so use the help of a spotter if needed, and make sure you use proper form in all exercises! Best of luck in your journey! *

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