My weight loss Blog - 36 year old man, 300 lbs - 100 lbs to lose! pt 10 + weigh in


A lot has happened since last update - turned out I had a massive infection of the gums, had a tooth pulled and luckily it appears to have cleared up for now! I have been back excising for the last week or so.

Weigh in today, week ten

Start weight - 22 stone 1 lb

Last week Weigh in - 20 stone 3.0

Current weight - 20 stone 2.25

Total Loss to date - 26.75 lbs

Only lost three quarters of a pound this week, but i will take that over a stay the same or a gain! I dont think the weight tells the total story as I think in the last ten weeks I have been doing this I have certainly added some muscle - mainly in legs! but also a little bit everywhere else.

Really want to lose 2.25 lbs by next week.

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