My weight loss Blog - 37 year old man, 300 lbs - 100 lbs to lose! pt 47


Weigh in today, week 39

Start weight - 22 stone 1 lb

Last week Weigh in - 17 stone 3.0lbs

Current weight - 17 stone 1.1/4lbs

Total Loss to date - 69.3/4 lbs

Pound and three quarters this week, awesome! i keep thinking my weight loss is going wrong and stalling but then i have a good week - need to learn more patience - weightloss can be a headfuq. currently 239.25lbs so under 240 for the first time in a decade , but in the UK its the stones that are the mental milestones, i want to be into the 16s feels like I have been in the 17s for ever. But then looking back not so long ago i was dead happy to see a 17 at the start!

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