Top 5 muscle building compound gym exercises

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Hello my dear Steemians, it is an amazing feeling/pump that you get after a good workout & I feel that it is better than an orgasm😜

Here are my top 5 picks of compound exercises that will help you to gain muscle mass quickly & will make you strong & muscular like Sergi Constance:

Let me tell you about compound exercises, these involve the working of multiple joints and more than one muscle group (a few examples are the deadlift, bench press, and shoulder press). Compound exercises are very effective & time efficient, did you know that just 8 to 10 compound exercises can work & stimulate all the major muscles in your body.

To gain muscle mass you need muscle hypertrophy which is achieved by progressive overloading which basically means that you need to lift some heavy ass weight as you progress with each set.

So let's get into it & start the muscle gains:

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||Barbell/Dumbbell bench press||

(3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions) Go heavy with each set

This compound exercise works your chest, back, arms (biceps & triceps)

You can choose do do them with dumbbells or a bar bell. (Pro tip - dumbbells give you a range of motion advantage)



||Overhead Shoulder Press/Military Press||

(3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions) Go heavy with each set

This is an excellent compound movement for developing your shoulders, upper back, neck & triceps.

It can be performed with dumbbells/barbell.

unnamed (7).gif


(3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions) Go heavy with each set

This is one of the best compound exercises ever & you can get really strong & sturdy pair of legs if you perform it right. (Squat is the King of compound leg exercises)

unnamed (9).gif

|| The Deadlift ||

(3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions) Go heavy with each set

This is my personal favourite & the best compound exercise ever (the daddy of compound exercises) this works & builds both the upper & lower body. The Deadlift will give you immense strength so Deadlift is a crucial and flagship amongst the compound exersices.

unnamed (10).gif

|||Dumbbell Lunges |||

(3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions) Go heavy with each set

This is a great exercise to get your legs into proper muscular shape & builds your endurance(strength-building).This form works your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, abs, and back all at the same time.

Also comment and let me know if you want to know more about fat burning or muscle building workouts.


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Take care & be fit!

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Thanks & Regards
Manpreet Virdi

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Nice , i Like bodybuilding related all things . Thanks for sharing this post.


Glad you liked it👍


Thank you so much @milanm

This would be a great workout! Just watching the military press is making my shoulders burn lol. I'm not a fan of lunges. I've had surgery on both knees, so that may play into that a little. But I still do them when needed. Just might be a complainer at that point LOL.
I think my favorite workouts are the ones with weights and cardio mixed. I feel like I get fluffy if I stick to weights only. (might be part of my thyroid problem) but when I mix the two together I see much better results.


Yes @squirrellyma these compound movements when included in a workout do burn a lot of calories & help gain lean muscle mass. Even i'am not a big fan of Lunges as after doing heavy squats & leg presses your legs don't feel like doing Lunges but then again Lunges are the most effective form of exercise to get those properly toned , muscular and chiseled legs. Doing them once or twice in a week will shock the muscles and prevent them from hitting a plateau. It is quite commendable that you still workout despite undergoing the surgery but take it easy to avoid any injuries and do not aggrevate a particular muscle or body party due to extensive training. As you mentioned that you like a mix of weights and cardio together, I will soon put out a cross fit functional training workout especially keeping you in mind.
Yeah mate weights do bulk you up and a mix of cardiovascular with it is very important. Thank you for giving your inputs on this and being a part of this, appreciate it!

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Nice blog...those gifs really helped to learn how we should actually do these exercises....great n valuable content....have a good day!


Yes bud, anyone can easily learn the correct form & posture from the gif images, you too have a good day mate.

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Thank you