Jogging | 8 km

3년 전

Every day I try to achieve a physical goal.
For instance reaching 10,000 steps in a day or running 10km.

Here is my latest performance

Activity: Running

Distance: 8.61 km

Duration: 45 min 11 sec

Self satisfaction:
4.1 Have I achieved my daily goal?

4.2 What do I want to improve?
Current Avg. pace: 05'14" /km
Goal: 05'00" /km

Check out the details of my workout taken from my smartphone:

SmartSelect_20190603-234747_Samsung Health.jpg

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Wow. That is a seriously good pace. Well done.

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I would really love to join this jogging exercise but I only have a desktop which I'm sure does not support the exercise. Poor me, I'm growing older and weaker everyday for lack of Android device.

It is well.

keep your goal, not easy but brings satisfaction

Wow, you could do awesome @actifit

Nice life motivation to achieve a physical goal.

Congratulation sergino. Thanks for popping by and voting my post! Have a beautiful day!

Interesante post!


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"Ahh've got a quarter oonce ay silvers wit' yur nam' oan it mucker!" -Keptin

You already join #seven77? That is a piece of cake for you.

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If he recovers, I will start practicing.

Wow great

Well done! Great job!