Corana Workout, Maintain Your Body And Stay In Shape


Hey guys going live again today at 4:30pm for an intense live workout with two gymnastics coaches.

Hi I’m Gabe, a coach at the one of the largest gymnastics gyms in Oklahoma, Tulsa Ultimate Gymnastics and Cheer. I have developed an intense workout program that I use to communicate with our students while we can't meet with them. We weave prayer into our workouts as an uplifting part of our message. Each workout is designed to maintain a gymnasts physique, flexibility and skills and is also beneficial to all types of sports, martial arts and normal body maintenance. We do it every day, live at 4:30pm M-F. If you wouldn't mind sharing the workout with your students, I'd love to send them a message from your academy during our live show. If you'd like more details I'd love to share them with you so feel free to send me any questions you have. We currently have over 150 people watching our live show every day. If you’d like to view a past workout, it can be found here:
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