1/2 Marathon Training - Week 4

4년 전

G'day Team

Life has been suuuuper busy recently, so busy I've had no time to write at all! But despite all this there's one thing I really wanted to stick to. I think keeping my progress posted here will keep me motivated and it's a quick and easy post. So here's a fill in on the last two weeks!

Week 3

2 x 5km
1 x 7km

Week three saw me tackle my first 7km run, and it couldn't have come at a worse time. Exhausted after my first full week on clinic I left the run to about 10 PM on Sunday night. After about four kilometers I was ready to throw in the towel, but I imagine if I can't push through 7km there's no chance I'll make 21 in a few months.

Week 4

Week four and I started prioritizing outdoor runs. It's harder to run with the challenge of oppressively hot and humid weather, undulating hills, and traffic... but this is the environment that I'll have to run in most of the time once I start increasing my distances, so it's worth getting used to now. The outdoor runs are definitely harder but it's worth it 100% to not feel like I'm sort of cheating as I do after finishing a treadmill run!

Take Home Thoughts

  • I still need to work on running more at the start of the week to avoid a forced 10 PM Sunday run to get all my runs in
  • My gym sessions will be coming down to 2 per week soon, I'm looking forward to having that time and energy to commit to longer and faster runs
  • Hills suck!


Thanks for reading team!



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