Due to training needs, was infatuated with fitness only when he was 17 yo. Now 26 yo and like a muscle model

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Nowadays, people not only simply ask for health, but also have certain requirements for their body. As a result, the fitness industry has become increasingly popular. Not only that, especially in foreign countries, there are many fitness people in order to pursue a more extreme body, fitness has become their cause, and it has become a daily necessity in their daily lives. Fitness has affected their life trajectory and let them live. A wonderful life.

This little brother is a model. The 26-year-old Rob can be said to be in full compliance with the standards of muscular men. 1 meter 76 height, 152 pounds weight, light to see his body, he knows that he is a fitness expert, whether it is the body or the gas field is unforgettable, especially his sunny confident smile, but also full of affinity .

As a personal fitness trainer and fitness athlete, he is now a muscular model. The muscles in all parts are very full, coupled with ultra-low body fat, can be described as outstanding. Can have such a body, thanks to the habit of loving sports since childhood, and very strict requirements for themselves.

Many people say that muscles don't look good, but when you see Rob wearing a formal dress, do you want to say that he is handsome? In addition to those bodybuilders who only pursue large muscles, most of the fitness people who are pursuing natural fitness are well-dressed and thin, and they are dressed in formal costumes.

He loves ball games since childhood, the reason for contact with fitness is training needs, but the magic is that after the system is in contact with fitness, he is very fascinated by fitness. Finally, he made a bold decision, that is, taking fitness as his life. Career. Today, he is a hot personal fitness instructor in the gym. Look at his back muscles, no exaggerated muscles, and all the muscles are just right. Presumably this is the ideal figure for most fitness people!

Rob Fitness will not blindly pursue the weight and quantity. He focuses on quality, and every training must be taken seriously. There must be no sloppyness. Every action is extremely demanding. This is his exercise of the abdominal muscles in the overhanging knees. Every time he does his best, he does his best.

The left side of the picture below is his high school period. When he was 17 years old, his body was not very strong, but his condition was good. The ball game is very strict with his usual training. He must go to the gym regularly. He is trained in the gym day after day to let him see his physical changes. He is becoming more and more fascinated with fitness, which also affects him. A turning point in the final fitness is also the starting point.

On the right is what he looked like when he was 19 years old. In just two years, he developed a very good body, especially his abdominal muscles, which are very eye-catching.

The picture on the left below is when he was 23 years old. At that time, he decided to take fitness as his career. He also worked with the gym to become a fitness instructor. The picture on the right is when he is 24 years old, his body is getting stronger and stronger. The abdominal muscles are like a knife, and the chest muscles are drawn under the force of the force.

The continuous improvement of his body has made his fitness career move forward steadily. Today, he has already had 1.1 million followers on the Internet. He loves fitness, he is also very fond of swimming, this healthy way of sports. In his life, except for fitness, most of the time is spent in the pool, this is his show with friends in the water. muscle.

The fitness circle is always full of talents. It’s hard to describe these fitness people with the daring of the art. This is not the case. Rob actually stands on the top of the two-story building and dares to jump into the pool. In the middle, see here, do you want to praise his bravery?

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