16,162 Reps From 12 Steemians After 43 Days - The Steem Daily 100 Rep Fitness Challenge - 50 Push-ups & 50 Squats - Day 44

2개월 전

I went to the gym for 50 intense mins of core, traps, grip, rowing and speed bag. I also did 40 push-ups, but decided to back off with baseball practice on Saturday AM and 2 games at 9AM on Sunday (I'll be pitching).

This was a light workout for me. I was going to try to sneak some squats in later, but found a 48 pound Fender guitar amp on my curb recycling trip that I carried by its handle for an hour. That was amazing exercise. Oh, and I also "rested" by walking 6.8 miles on the day.

-- 200 reps from 2 Steemians for this round.

Please step up for yourselves to improve your health right now. It's our most valuable asset.

You can work together to produce "team reps" to more easily get involved.

  • As long as 100 reps of a combo of push-ups and squats are done, reply on my post with those who helped.

  • I encourage more of this so people don't feel intimidated. The goal is to be happy, proud, and healthy from this exercise and participation.

  • Excuses are thinning!

Current charts with everyone's stats and progress:

It's not a competition between people, but it's one with ourselves to improve our health and wellness.

Day 43 Results: 200 reps from 2 Steemians for Friday EST, 9/27.

Talk is cheap. Actions matter. Thank you for being involved!

My 9/27 Reps & Feedback: 40 Push-ups - Challenge Incomplete

  • As mentioned above, I went to the gym and walked 6.8 miles. I also walked an hour with a 48 pound guitar amp I found (along with the other electronics I found in a bag), holding it one hand at a time by its handle. This was after I did grip training and shrugs at the gym, sooooo that was hard, and I'm really feeling it .

  • I never use supplements or any type of cheating. Just food, hydration, passion and hard work.

Today's Highlights:

  • @mightpossibly did his reps the day before but didn't reply to the post. He's still the winner.

What's the challenge?

50 push-ups (modified if needed) and 50 air squats. If you want to do a different ratio or split, that's fine. Just reach 100 reps from these options and reply below with an affirmation, pic, link, or video. We're on the honor system.

*Team entries are now accepted.

If you can't do all of the push-ups, I know you can do squats for the rest. Get involved!

To people new, see the kickoff post linked below. We'll be opening up to other exercise types in due time. I'm trying to keep this simple for now to get everyone assembled and on the same page.

This is for your health. Why not try to join us just once to see how it goes?

To any interested Steemians who want more info/background: *Please see this link from the kickoff post for details.

Everyone please support and encourage the team here. They're working hard to build a community the hard way. It's about the bigger picture.

Make sure you go 90 degrees with your elbows and legs, with your back straight, on each rep. Don't have your elbows too wide on the floor. Feel free to help others if they look like that can use some advice.

Again, this is just a baseline of activity for the day. This will be far from all I do on most days, and the same can go for you.

Markets and spirits may be down now, but our health should always be on the rise.

Rep on,

P.S. - Please use the fitnesschallenge tag if you can.

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Not sure if your including military presses yet, but I did 100 last night.
I'm going on a camping trip so will be back in a few days :)


By popular demand, I'll adding them to this. I want them too. Watch out for kangaroos.


Awesome thanks m8 :)
There was heaps of kangaroos, I took some go pro footage which I'm hoping turned out ok. It's the first time I used the headband mount for my go pro so not sure about the angle it was sitting at

all reps is done, would be nice to try @belemo dumbell on devil press


Devil's press. Sounds like fun. Got a gift or something I could see?


Damn. I only have one dumbbell for now. I do something similar without the push up bit


Go dumbell snatch then

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  • 120 curls with my new dumbbell
  • 70 push ups
  • 30 leg raises
  • 26 Russian twist
  • 20 butt bridge
  • 100% motivation.

Your 100% motivation line made me accept all of these reps as a completed 100 of the normal reps. Keep going, but also gimme 100 of the normal stuff too.


What are the normal stuff?


I just meant 100 reps from the basic push-ups and squats.


Okay. Did you check out my dumbbell post yet?

26 airsquats
24 bar squats, 50 kg
25 push-ups
25 bench press, 50 kg
24 deadlifts, 60 kg
16 lunges, 20 kg
16 1-legged reach to the floor, 10 kg
16 hip thrusts, 30 kg
10 pull-ups
10 gunjacks
16 bar curls, 20 kg
16 military press, 25 kg
16 face pulls, 25 kg

Workout time: 1hr 20 min

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Monster workout. Good to keep a log like this so you can see how much ass YOU are kicking.

Sorry , been busy with work! Imma get my reps done in a few hours. :)