Challenge Completed - Chest and Back Day 680 reps on September 22nd

2년 전

I have to admit I really struggled in the gym last night.
Really not sure what was going on but I felt really flat and was just not into the workout at all, maybe it's just part of getting back to my routine or maybe it was because I didn't have a good nights sleep last night.
I still managed to push through my workout pretty well though, with another solid session now in the bag.
It's good to be back to being consistent again, I have trained more in the last week than I had in the last 2 months.

Last night was chest and back again.
I have noticed even after only a few sessions my muscles are not aching so much the next day, where as after the first day back my muscles were aching like mad.
My back feels like it is finally coming good again too, which is really good because training with it hurting so much really sucked.
I'm really surprised how much getting back in the gym seems to have helped my back, you would think it would make it worse but it's starting to come good. I think I hurt my back by falling asleep in the chair watching a doco, I must have been hanging off the side of the chair and either tore a muscle of compressed it.

I wont be going to the gym tonight because I have been out and about looking at houses, plus I have my mums birthday dinner.

Body weight 126 Kilograms


☠️ The Workout - Chest and Back Day ☠️

💪 12 reps * 5 sets seated fly, @40kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets seated chest press, @40kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets seated row, @47kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets lat pull down @47kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets low cable fly @12.5kgs

💪 8 reps * 5 sets chast swings free weight, @8kgs

💪 8 reps * 5 sets incline chest press, @80kgs, @100kgs, @120kgs, @100kgs, @80kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets iso lateral row, @20kgs per side

💪 12 reps * 5 sets standing lat pull down @19kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets cable chest push down @12.5kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets cable fly @12.5kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets cable rope row @21.25kgs


Fried eggs, bacon, tomato, field mushroom and kale.
Fruit smoothie.
A sausage roll.
A burrito.
Some fruit.


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