Five Days Of Drawing Rabbits, Fun With Flowers

10개월 전


Dandelions are in bloom perfect for picking.
Petunia who loves flowers is having fun outside.
She dances and hops as she picks some.
A few more blooms and she's ready to go.
She will be hanging them dry and make a tea for her family

Hi my friends, it is lovely to see you again. This is my fifth drawing already for this drawing challenge. I had such a great experience and this piece I almost missed. I woke up early today I finished what I started. Thank you for this activity my creativity is being put to the test and I love it.

Here are the process photos :

My plan is draw a rabbit who is looking up that could be a good start. She could be talking to a bird or playing with a bee.

Or she could be holding an umbrella to protect her from the rain. Notice how I positioned her paws.

On the line drawing I imagine her wearing a bonnet but suddenly I changed it to this interestingly shaped head pice with a cute little detail hanging below the ears. I love working on this part especially with the chunky knits.

There an extreme close up of the bonnet

Last detail I added are these yellow flowers. Took me longer to finish although I didn't intend to put a lot of them. Lots of details and finishing touches and I am glad I had the patience. See how beautiful the final draft is.

I'm sharing this with you hope you like it. If you want to participate in this fun challenge you may visit the Draw A Day Community and see the daily drawing prompts. While you are at it might as well subscribe, engage and have fun.

I can't wait to see your entries.

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