Reggaesteem drop post

5개월 전

Hey ya'll,
While I appreciate all sorts of reggae styles, this one has been showing up in my playlists a bit more these days.
I'm kinda digging some of the Stephen Marley tracks.

I couldn't find the exact song I was looking for.... but you get the idea. :)
!reggaesteem FTW!

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I guess partiko doesn’t allow YouTube links ? I see nothing here, but did see the link on steempeak...I’m flabbergasted 😮

I’ll go use another front end and give it a listen,sigh

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Partiko needs an update, hopefully soon... thanks for watching on #ReggaeSteem

Nice selection bro, Mind Control a big tune! Thanks for testing #ReggaeSteem

I always love to hear Stephan Marley's voice. Sooo Good