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Wow... It takes you less than Four Days to Build Up the Steem Power it took me over Two and a Half Years to be Build Up... You don't even seem all that Active...

November 21, 2019... 10.2 Hollywood Time...

Love you Fam.. I Know ur Support allows me to thrive on steemit.. thank you so much for being there for me as well as many others I'm sure. BLESS UP!!!gterra.png

Please, how do I join the @glitterfart community

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Thanks for the vote! The highest in my almost three years on steemit.

Lol. Nice track! Reminds me I Got to get out more! Self and listen to more groovy music. :)

Going to start and follow your posts to!

Keep posting groovy things. :D

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That song reminds me when I was my husband's girlfriend ..... so cute, I love it !!!!

Thank you for upvoting my video!!! i will follow you n steemit..

Kind regards, @davidamsterdam

I got to say I love this track to thanks for sharing

Thank you! ;)
Grazie :)

Great video 🎥

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Yo GlitterFart! Gotta love that name... And would make an Amaaaaazing video! Hahahaha... I wanted to reach out and thank you for your kind vote and ongoing support while I run around the Worrrrrllllld.... Steeeeem Powered!! THANKYOU!! :)

OMG!!!!!!! I love that song, It reminds me my chilhood, the 90´s ... The reggae and Baywatch, HAHA

I get such a giggle every time I see your name on here:):):)

you don't appear active anymore but i just wanted to say that you might have the best username on Steemit :)

Cooperation proposal

Hi @glitterfart.
I am from Indonesia, so far very active at Steemit, we from Indonesia are currently very active at Steemit, please your willingness to delegate a small portion of your SP to us as to improve curation for Steemians in Indonesia who have posts are high quality.
With your concern for us, we will increase our enthusiasm for even better in improving the quality of posts.

Thank you for the upvote on my post !
Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your support 👍 Much love from Ukraine 🇺🇦 🤗

Thanks for the upvote! Appreciate it. :)