An Open Letter to Mr @Mariuszkarowski

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Dear Mr. @Mariuszkarowski,

Let me introduce myself to you Mr. @Mariuszkarowski. My name is @Snook. I have been on the Steem Blockchain for over 2 years. I am 100 Steem Power away from 5000 SP. I made ALL of my Steem Power from posting. I never self vote or used bid-bots.

I love Steem. I love that Steem gave me a way of helping people. I helped by sending Steem to people in need. I helped enough that my son @Ecoinstant got upset with me. He explained I could help more people by powering up and giving out bigger votes then giving all my Steem away.

@Steembasicincome, SBI, was then made by @Josephsavage. My son and I were one of the first investors in SBI. I invested in SBI to help new Steemians for their lifetime on the Steem Blockchain.

Let me explain how the SBI vote I receive on my posts now is a gift from other Steemians to me. The SBI vote is also a reminder of gifts I gave Steemians to help them on the Steem Blockchain when no one was voting on their posts.

To receive a vote from SBI you need to do the following.

  1. You nominate someone you want to help on the Steem blockchain.

  2. You then send one steem to @steembasicincome with the name of the person you want to give a lifetime of votes from SBI. The votes are based on how many units of SBI you were gifted.

  3. When you nominate a person and send 1 Steem to @steembasicincome, the person you nominated gets a unit of SBI along with yourself.

That is all there is to SBI. You are sending a GIFT to another Steemian in the form of a vote for life.

I was a Freewriter when I started Steem. We made pennies on our posts when Steem was over 3.00 US. We did get to meet really cool people. We had great conversations in the comment section of our posts but we were making pennies per post.

Others Steemians were getting @Curie votes.

I bought people in need of a vote on their post, SBI units. A gift that keeps on giving.

Yesterday within 5 minutes of me posting a Vlog post, your Alternative account on Steem @Mmmmkkkk311 downvoted my post. You downvoted my post by enough that it is noticeable.

I wondered why you felt the need to find my Vlog post about blue hair and downvote it. You might not like dyed blue hair but I thought for a 0.035 cent downvote it was a lot of hate to show a Vlog post.

I decided to look into your @Mmmmkkkk311 account. Something I never do. I don't care what people have. What you have is your own to do as you please. I wasn't upset about the flag. I was upset because I could not figure out why you flagged me. So I went looking for an answer. I found out you dislike SBI (@SteembasicIncome). You feel it is a "Circle Jerk".

I also read where people have politely tried to explain how SBI works to you.

I saw that you spoke Polish. I happen to have a Steem friend that speaks Polish. I wrote my friend a message before I went to bed. I asked if he could talk to you. If he could try to explain how SBI is NOT a circle jerk. I received back a message from him this morning. He explained that you would not listen and there was nothing he could do to help.

I am hoping by writing this open letter to you you will take the time to read it and hopefully see that Steem Basic Income is about helping Steemians and not a circle jerk.

Thank You for your time,

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.



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Thank you for posting this. I'd read it before, but as I wasn't a victim of this person's bot, I couldn't really respond to it. Then yesterday I somehow got included in the downvote attacks. This has hit me two days in a row. He doesn't seem to understand that SBI was about keeping people on the platform when the price of Steem dropped. But these people don't have Steem's best interest at heart, despite thinking that they are the Steem Sheriff and end up doing more harm than good.

Thank you for pointing out that it was the SBI upvote that was triggering his downvote.
I felt like leaving the platform, but now I am even more inspired to create content and even give people more SBI.

I hope you're having a good day and thank you once again.


Then it makes writing this post all worth it!!

Thank You!

Yeah, people don't do their homework, they just "ASS+U+ME" that their all self righteous opinions are 100% perfect and always right.

However, not to pick on people like that, because they usually can't handle the truth, all they want to hear is "praise and confirmation of their opinions", the idea of SBI from what I recall was in line with the ideas of UBI. He basically made a Steem version of UBI.

A version of UBI that works, as the Steem ecosystem makes it possible.

So when a snowflake doesn't like the fact that somebody makes one of the new age ideas come to life, all thanks to Steem, all I can say to that person is "Go bugger yourself".

Hypocrisy at its best, that is all I can say for all those who attack the success of others only because they had nothing to do with it.

So in a nutshell:



I agree. People need to research what they decide to hate.

Powerfully said. Wasnt deserved at all. Maybe they just dont understand how it works. You dont call the cops because McDonald's ran out of chicken nuggets, you dont downvote if its its something that you just dont like because its not your thing. You downvote when its not at all to topic, you ramble. We know this, steem knows this hes lost. You down vote when its its something That shows, discrimination, harassment, Using children in in ways etc. If you dont like something just for no reason. YOU GOT FREEEDOM OF CHOICE MOTHER F'ER, EXERCISE THAT FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND MOSEY ON DOWN TO A TOPIC YOU DO LIKE AND YOU WONT HAVE TO DOWN VOTE. Simple.


People need to research what they decide to hate but are too lazy busy too.


Wow I didn’t realise your son was the mighty @ecoinstant! I had a similar discussion about this to a friend too. Who are we sharing our posts to? Yes, it’s public but mostly for our friends and followers. Our friends and followers support us and we support them. We occasionally look at other people’s content and vote them. But, we mostly vote our group and community because that’s what we are mainly here for. Why should we be forced into spreading votes around for the sake of it?

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I agree 100%. Stake weighted voting means do with your stake what you do. We are seeing the results of stake weighted flagging, and I suspect those are gradually getting spread around the platform as well, although they affect people in a much different way.


I agree but people should research what they decide to hate.


Didn't you know? @snook is the omnipotent Goddess responsible for the demi-god @ecoinstant. Her powers are reknowned far and wide, and she reveals much with the throw-back blue hair that she once she dawned during the dark-ages to frighten the witches out of hiding.


oh good Lord LOLL


and we worked hard to get the followers that we have...

and HA! yes, @Ecoinstant is my son. I am very proud of him!! It makes me feel great to hear you think highly of him. You also made me laugh!! so I need to thank you for that too.

But I had bright Red bangs so I should be much worse. There has to be a Right to have my hair colored they way I like, there has to. Curses to the Hair Police!

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Thank You for making me smile :D

Hi @snook

Is @Ecoinstant your son? I cannot imagine how someone as positive as him could ever be upset at you :)

What you have is your own to do as you please. I wasn't upset about the flag. I was upset because I could not figure out why you flagged me. So I went looking for an answer.

Explanation should indeed be given to you :/

He explained that you would not listen and there was nothing he could do to help.

i'm not surprissed. I'm myself Polish and I found my own kind of people to be one of the most difficult out there. That's just seem to be in our nature.

Yours, Piotr


Yes, he is the reason I am on Steem.

He is also my son and as sons do they try and tell their Mom's what is best for them. We listen and do what we want to LOLL.

Yeah, sad really.......he just is not understanding SBI.....he has time to get mad about it but not time to really look into it which in my head doesn't make sense...

yet he does have the right to use his stake how he wants no matter the reason. I just wish he would do his research before he hates on something.

Hi Snook!
This is certainly a great reason AGAINST Free Flags, and many of us predicted this. Also why I am powering DOWN (maybe to redfish!) and investing in SPI. Makes my SP totally liquid and portable. Don't have to put up with the HF21 BS (do you HEAR ME @steemit 😱 ) I'm so over it I'm gonna change this:
msga tRUMP LOL.png




Nice to see you @Underground!!

I think we all have to do what we think is right for ourselves.

I just wish when people decide to hate something they would research it a little more or at all before they decide something needs to be fixed

Thank you for stopping to read!!

Hope you are doing good :D


Yes I am OK Baby SnookS 💋
I must say you are looking good ❣

I love your blue hair!!!!


Thank You!! :D

I'm loving it!!

Funny thing I noticed is he is voting for some of the biggest witness bot owners out there - coincidence?

Edit: Notice the word -control- in their website.


I did see that........

I'm here for the circle-jerk 🍆🤣


Did someone say circle-jerk ? lol


you are too funny!

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Thank You!! You didn't need to do that!! but thank you!

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Thank You!

When I first read this, I was on my mobile and for some reason, I can vote but not comment - don't know why I have so many weird tech problems. I have never been a friend of the downvoting bonanza and see way too many people abusing it.