Let's recap for those that missed the first run of this bs.

3개월 전

What happened was huaren.news, which is a call out to chinese people.
Strangely, you can see the definition changed after I used it to paint them as racists.
Which from that translation seems to be true, further evidenced by the trending page currently.
huaren news chinese.png

So, h.n got flagged by hive downvote rewards, which is sfr over there.
He was getting flagged by sfr here, but after the fork I saw the writing on the wall and stopped following the flagging trails.
If the fork says they need to go whaleshares, I'm just gonna milk what I can.

So, I was flagging him for <.01hbd, on hive, and he came over here and wiped me out for scores of sbd.
When I got support from tsu, he doubled up with bullionstackers.
I guess tsu had a dust up with them, too.
I was not privy to that.


I was an early member of @steemflagrewards, and bullionstackers was one of our first farmers targeted.
So, why I got blocked at the node probably had to do with calling the farming flaggots racist, but f'em, I'm not their slave.
And, they can stick their social credit score in an uncomfortable place, iyam.
We only get as much tyranny as we tolerate.


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