So, You Are Getting Flagged...

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I've heard mention in Discord that someone has broken out some small account to do mass or random flags.

It stinks that people are doing this, but it is also part of our Freedom culture.  For most of us it isn't a big hit.

Here is the repeat of my Flagging:  How it works post.  I have used it a couple of times before, so vote accordingly.

People talk of flagging and reasons to flag, but at the end of the day the Blockchain makes the laws. Other new sites built on the Steem Blockchain might be able to change the rules, but for now this is how it works. 


Simple Explanation of how the reward system works:

  • Each day the Steem Blockchain creates new Steem 
  • That Steem is distributed via our votes
  • The more stake you hold the more your votes are worth
  • When you post (or comment) the community has 3 options
    • upvote
    • downvote/flag
    • no action
  • A post is active for 7 days
  • When that week is over you get to claim whatever the balance is.

Whether or not you like how it works, that is all there is to it. 

 Anyone can flag anyone at anytime for any reason during the 7 days a post is open.  


After that is all reaction.

We give lip service to the reasons we think people should flag... But the blockchain doesn't care.  Those with the most stake can give the biggest upvotes and downvotes.  Their stake gives them the right to allocate those funds.  

If you get one small flag, it's probably best just to ignore it.

If someone is targeting you, try to find some support, depending go to or Discord, message someone who can help you either with a vote or to negotiate peace for you.  If you freak out you are giving a troll what they want. 

They want to create drama.

Flagging is important to our quality and abuse fight, so put up with the occasional silly flag, because the world is filled with assholes.  Remember some one has to use their own voting power to flag you, so it likely will not last.


Anothertime I wrote about flags

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Had one yesterday and another 2 hours ago, given by 2 accounts that just started here on Steemit. Won't even mention their names, because I think you're right about not 'giving trolls what they want'.
Have a nice day.


:) I was going to use the names and thought the same thing. Why give them attention. Ignore.

I've just been happy with the phenomenon. Steemit needs more flagging, and a culture of flag normalization.

Now, this may not be a good way to normalize the flag, but still. No one would whine complain about getting random upvotes like this.

People need to fucking grow up on this fucking platform.


Flag normalization makes a lot of sense to me as well.... great thought.


Read this comment ^^^^^


Grow up and *stop swearing?

I also got a flag from 25 rep account! Still waiting to see him/her in action to finish the deal (I mean end his STEEMIT career)


Obligatory comment...

Seriously, however, thanks for posting about this. I'm still working on coming up the learning curve for how everything really works on STEEM. It's a very complex environment. The zero dollar flagging seems to have ramped up recently, and I'm wondering if it's on purpose, a campaign of sorts by someone, to make flags easier to accept.

I guess the flag does affect reputation, but generally a $0.00 flag is just a statement, similar to a thumbsdown on other platforms. You can't please everyone, so that seems reasonable that you would get some of them for one reason or another.


What the hell is a zero dollar flag?
Do you just mean a flag from an account with no SP?
Even at 1% my flag is still 2 cents


Yeah, it's weird. It's almost like two separate systems. I don't have enough SP or VP to do anything, good or bad. New accounts are basically worthless, in terms of throwing reward pool weight around. They can flag things, but it is meaningless. Everyone starts somewhere, and the training ground for people landing on STEEM is with an account with no ability to do anything.

In this particular case, what I've observed, is that someone is using n00b accounts to flag everything on STEEM, randomly. The accounts have only the delegated 15 SP from the steem account to get going, and they're flagging until they have no bandwidth left to flag.

I assume there is some grand purpose, like educating people that it's nothing to worry about when you get flagged by an account that has no SP. I could be wrong. May have lost the plot somewhere. Dunno.


Yeah, it could be that... Or it could be a trolly, creating upset thing. Either way, set a great example and let them roll on by


I love that attitude, trying to do my part to cultivate it :)


Yeah, tiny little flags that only hurt the sensitive.


Well you doing great on this kind of awareness its good and thanks


Yep, the community needs to get desensitized to it and look for problem solvers.

One of the keystones to Freedom is tolerance, some people are assholes. Don't let them ruin your experience.

Thank you! I do wish they'd change "flag" to "down vote". It would better explain to the user what is actually happening on the blockchain. Some people will like your content. Some people won't.


I agree and have also advocated for this!

I saw it in one of my last posts.

No truer words! I received a couple of flags yesterday, but why fret? I mean, with delegated steem power of 15 SP, i brushed it off as the actions of some joker.

Some people find attention by being **sholes. And you better not give them that reaction.

I have been getting sporadic flags from accounts that have 0.1 owned SP.



Yeah, I guess there are several small accounts handing out tons of flags, and upsetting those who don't realize that it's not a big deal.

I got my first downvote yesterday from an acct with no posts or comments so i cant really do anything about it. Not that i care either.

I got one of those random flags. The thing is, my account is still pretty weak so it is more worrisome for me or the people in a position like mine. Luckily, as weak as my account is, the flagger was weaker so there isn't too much damage that they could do.

I wrote a little post where I used the flag as a framing devise for a discussion of censorship. I figured using it to earn a little something was a better "screw you" than addressing it directly or talking shit about the user who did it.

It is good to know that it wasn't just me being targeted or something because I could not figure out why someone would take issue with what I wrote.

I have avoided the personality conflicts taking place between those who would obliterate my account. I can get all the drama I want in real life if I feel myself lacking in enemies. Despite this, I was targeted about a month ago by a small group like you mention. Their power so small I don't think it did anything, I laughed when someone started a bot to undo their damage and they upvoted my posts to undo the flags, which I also saw no change in anything.

I think the flags are most devastating for those who are paying the vote bots. That would really hurt to pay out 100 SBD or whatever, only to have it all flagged away.

There's a reasonably good summary of what's going on in this post.

They seem to be unhappy with Bernie and Steemcleaners and are responding by flagging everyone who has ever interacted with them.



Well congratulations to me, i just received my first ever flag on steemit this evening. lol

Ho you say right..
Your post will be huge to focus cause now resteemit your post..
Just resteemit done..

Absolutely well said. Best to ignore it. It truly is just a part of the system and fighting it will wear you down and change nothing, never mind wearing you down fighting something that really isn't impacting.... often anyway. Trying to have conversation with a troll is best avoided also lol

Flagging is a vital part of Steemit. It allows us to deal with abuse of the system. It's up to us how we judge that.

The rules are simple.
If you love what you read, then you can upvote.
If you don't like what you read and feel the post should not be rewarded, then you can flag the post.
And if you and indifferent and don't care about the post, you can just ignore and pass by



A big part to flag normalization would be to make the flagging option more visible.

I agree on the topic of the block chain not caring about the reasons as for one wants to up or downvote. While I also agree on the notion of people needing to grow up regarding this, I still think that some changes to flagging should occur in some way or form.

Making the flagging button more visible for example.


I think it should just be a downvote symbol when it comes to the user interface.


And I would agree with you. On the other hand, I do like the idea of positivity being more prelevant than netagivity around here. When I started around here, I didn't even know that you could flag and did not really question it.

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Thanks for sharing. No one should be a threat to anyone unless like you said they're assholes. Just contribute and be helpful as we all can and not judge the book by its cover. Have a nice beautiful day. :)

Good evng sir, i am new in this platform and dont know about flaging earlier, thanks for your post. Now, i want to know how will i came to know is my post is flaged and who flaged my post? Please reply is possible for you to reply.


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My bad. No worries. All's good. Thanks and you have a fantastic day ok? :)

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does curation still works that's the first question because only bid bots have taken over the steemit platform as everyone is saying

I was flagged yesterday by an account who claims to flag bad steemians (whatever that means). Funny thing is that the account is new with low SP (15SP delegation), that didn't have an impact on me at all.

The problem with that account, is that it is random, and place flags, just because yes, without any reason, it will bother people.