An Attempt to Unify the Flat Earth and Round Earth Theories

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Whether you believe the Earth is flat or round is not important. What is crucial, however, is that you read this post with an open mind, not in defense of any position. We can only obtain a clearer view of the world from taking a step back and separating ourselves from our beliefs.

To begin, I want to say that I think it completely irrelevant what shape the Earth is. It has no actual impact on our lives beyond that which we allow it to have, and so I do not see much value in debating the issue. And yet at the same time, I do see very much debate on the topic. As well as instances of Flat Earth mockery on the BBC and HBO in recent months.

If the Flat Earth theory was accurate, it would not be getting promoted in such a way. The people producing this shit are not stupid, and they are well aware that for every two or three people who follow the crowd and join in with the mockery, there will be one who asks, "why are they mocking these people so publicly?"

This says to me that there is indeed an agenda going on here. For whatever reason, and I can think of a few, someone out there wants us to be debating the Flat Earth. For this reason alone, I think we ought not to be wasting our time doing so. Hopefully this article can convince at least one of you to debate something more productive towards making positive changes in society.

The Best Evidence for Flat Earth

  • Some islands, buildings, mountains and lighthouses can be observed from distances where they should be below the horizon. If you research this issue you will see that there is some very compelling evidence, especially in regards to mountain rangers over 100 miles away.

  • Amateur rocket and balloon footage, sent to very high altitudes, often reveal a perfectly straight horizon line. In addition to this, corporate and government outlets have been exposed using curved-lens cameras to influence a bend in the horizon.

  • Antarctica is an obvious conspiracy on its own, with the secretive treaty between many countries being the longest standing treaty documented. The limited access and military presence is suspicious and speaks to a large secret.

  • Photographs of the Earth are non-existent for some odd reason, and NASA have admitted that every image of the Earth is a composite image, all displaying somewhat different landscapes and colours.

These are the four most often cited proofs of flat Earth that I have observed, and each of them, as well as many others, can be explained away by an Earth that is simply larger than reported. If you take a quick moment to review the four points, as well as any other arguments you know for the Flat Earth, you will surely come to the same conclusion - that a massive Earth would explain the overwhelming majority of evidence used to claim a flat Earth.

You're probably wondering why the fuck this matters. I did after all make the assertion that the shape of the Earth is entirely irrelevant to how we live out our lives. But I think that is because the Flat Earth theory is simply a distraction from Antarctica. And while the shape of the Earth does not matter to me or you, for it is superficial and does not change the way our lives operate, whatever they are doing in, or hiding beyond Antarctica does matter, for whatever they are doing over there could be harming us, others, or influencing our lives in other ways.

So while I am not making the claim that the Earth is far larger than we have been told, because truthfully, I do not know- it's just a suspicion, I think we should take a look at the one genuinely important aspect of the Fat Earth theory - Antarctica - through the lens of this massive Earth theory.

If not a massive ice wall proceeded by ever-decreasing temperatures beyond Antarctica, then what?

Admirable Bird, the Antarctic explorer, said in a television interview before the treaty was signed, that there was vast natural resources beyond or in, I do not recall) Antarctica.

Now, when you and I are talking about natural resources, typically we are discussing things such as water, food or oil. But when a mouthpiece for the establishment is talking, natural resources is just as likely to be in reference to us.

I am suggesting that there could be more people beyond Antarctica. I do not see the treaty lasting for so long, with no whistle blowers, over something like a Flat Earth. Especially given the religious awakening that seems to follow one who adopts the Flat Earth theory as fact, you would think that some of these newly realised believers would have to come clean about the secret.

But, if the secret is not a massive icewall that confirms a God, but a population of billions or trillions who have already succumb to the digital dictatorship that any with their eyes open can see us heading towards, then fear of punishment from said oppressive force, or the promise of a better fate would be a better incentive towards silence.

If we look at the impact the flat Earth theory is having, and if we are honest, we can see the biggest effect it is having on people is that it is turning them towards religion, and specifically, Christianity. Soon after one believes in the Flat Earth, not all but many if not most, will then believe in the Bible and in the End Times.

You needn't have faith or understanding in magick in order to comprehend that if enough people start to believe we are living in the End Times, we will bring an apocalypse upon ourselves.

But if we can convince people that the Earth isn't flat but massive, and that beyond Antarctica is not a boundary but a population of billions who have already fallen to enslavement under the mark of the beast, or something to that effect; then instead of influencing people to summon an apocalypse unto themselves, we can bolster them with willpower drawn from their newfound responsibility to save their species from a force that has them circled, and has already conquered the rest of the planet.

Lol. Okay, this has started to get less objective and far more imaginative. I will wrap this up here. But, I ask that if you already consider the Earth to be flat, you apply the science of a massive Earth to your best Flat Earth evidence and see what happens. If you find that a massive Earth makes sense then you will have to revisit what they might be hiding in or beyond Antarctica.

And if you do not believe in a flat Earth nor a massive one, I ask you to forget the noise and look into the one part of the theory that may be effecting your life or the lives of many others in this world - Antarctica. For they are most certainly up to something there.

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How would all the pilots and astronauts not know? I don't really care what people believe and as you said.. daily life... It doesn't matter.

I just can't imagine that people can't figure it out.


When you get high in altitude, the earth looks curved. This is because of your curved eyes and the horizon being so far away.

What is missing from all of this, that EVERY pilot knows, is that the horizon is always at eye level.
If we lived on a ball earth (of the size they say) then as you got higher, you would be looking more and more down.

But, then again, the atmosphere is only scant miles thick. So, you go up 4 miles, the earth is (supposedly) 8,000 miles wide, so, that is a big difference.

Here is an even more interesting fact. You take a sphere, and then place yourself anywhere on it, the horizon is a set of points equal distance from you. Or, the definition of a circle. A circle that is flat in its z-axis. So, any time you see the horizon all around, it is flat.

Admiral Byrd's words have also been used for another conspiracy theory, the hollow earth, now that would be cool, the Flat-earthers have to fight this theory also because I don't see how you can have a hollow earth if the Earth is flat. It could be that governments have hidden something important that is going on in Antarctica, proving it is extremely difficult.

My theory is that the earth is flat, and that space is curved.
And my best approximation of that space curve is a toroid.

If you take a laser level, and go any distance, you find that the earth doesn't curve at all. Not even a little. So, either the earth is flat, or light follows the curvature. (or the earth is flat in a curved space)

The thing about the flat earth theory is that it basically throws out science. If this one block is removed from the foundation, science just falls over. Light, gravity, distance,

The trouble with science is that it has been taught as a religion. You know the darwin fish vs the jesus fish. And so, when one religion crumbles for you, you often search for another.

And, you are correct, what is happening in Antarctica is of extreme importance. But, again, what is there will destroy science as we know it.


What is your theory on what is taking place in Antarctica?


What is your theory
On what is transpiring
In Antarctica?

                 - manaia

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I do not understand your question.
Or, your question involves writing an encyclopedia.
So, what more specifically would you like to know.

MacroEvolution will be disproven.
All of science will be disproven.
Religions will have a great upheaval. The way people read the bible will be very different. What is read today as literal, will be figurative, and what is thought of as figurative will be literal.
All of ancient history (speculation) will be thrown out.
The age of the earth will be changed.
The age of mankind will be changed. (The bible is far more correct than any scientist would want to believe)


The question was, rather simply; what do you think they are hiding in Antarctica?


An almost completely preserved remnants of a previous civilization.
Before the explosion the destroyed Atlantis and sent a wall of water around the world.

Basically, there have been like 9 advanced human civilizations on this planet. We are the first that didn't destroy ourselves.

Buried under a layer of quick frozen ice is the remnants of a previous aeon.


My theory is that the earth is flat, and that space is curved.

What does space being "curved" even mean? Space is a concept, it isn't an object. The earth has curvature to it because it is spherical.

There is not a single flat earther who is intellectually honest with him or herself. Explain to me in your weird "curved space world" what stars are... and why are they always moving relative to our position?

I can't wait to hear the mental gymnastics!


Well, i can't wait to hear your mental gymnastics... but, i probably already know them and have written posts on how they are all bunk.

This all started with that crap Michelson-Morley experiment. And i mean crap. Do the bare minimum number of measurements? Do the measurements at only one time? And then! Find something, and call it nothing. Brilliant! Thus, they got rid of aether from science books.

But, aether is the stuff space is formed out of.
It is the reason why magnets attract.
Yes, that means, that magnets curve space.

So, to talk about anything real, we have to get rid of much of the science we think we know.

(besides, where do you get off saying "your 'weird curved space world'"?? That is the entire premise of relativity. So, i guess you haven't heard of this scientist called Einstein? But, that is ok, because his theories are bunk. )
Check out my latest blog:

So you are saying that all the governments in the world agreed on this one thing that everyone will lie about shape of earth. They can't agree on any other topic but shape of earth is such a huge topic that everyone put their differences aside and said, we got work on this together. And to what end? /s

This is a sorry state of our education system. I worry for the future of this world. There better be a more intelligent alien race out there otherwise we are done for.


One can only recognize ignorance from a position of ignorance. Everything under the sun has an element of truth to it. And if we want to get closer to that truth, then we would be better served searching for the ounce of truth to be found in the words of others. Seeking out only faults in reason will lead us only to a fault in our reasoning.


Did that wisdom come from a unicorn or santa? :)


Believe it or not, the wisdom came from you. Or at least, it was uncovered as a result of my belief that no matter how nonsensical a comment may be- there's always a lesson to be learned in there.

Have a loveful life.