Guess Them Blooms ...

2년 전

Have you some flowering edible plants and fruiting trees in you garden? Yes? Then ... this should be just a piece of cake for you.

Can you guess which plant bears these buds in Spring? 1% up to the first one who does. BTW, kindly guess just one bud, give others a chance to shine, too. Trust me, you'd only feel good knowing you're not the only one who has knowledge on such a fruitful hobby.


Clue : People, specially lovers, go gaga in Japan and in Korea when they're in bloom. I go gaga when they're all ripe and ready for the picking and so do the birds in my backyard that they couldn't hold themselves they pick them before I could.


If you have a baby plant in fruition, more or less you'd have to use a net to make sure you'd be the first to do the harvesting and not those chirping creatures!


Clue : If you smell me with your eyes close, you'd mistake me for a garlic. I bear white star like blooms that pop like sparkling stars in a frozen mode. I churn them with olives, pepper and a squeeze of lemon and mint. Perfect with a steamed cod or mashed potatoes.


Clue : Whether they'd turn into fruits or not, I'm about to find out. It's the first time I got these to flower. I don't intend to eat them. It's the seeds that I'm after. The leaves of this vege is not so yummy, even though it ain't I still often put it in my smoothies.


Clue : I prefer the soft variety of these bloom's fruits but winter won't be complete in the EU without a fruit or two of these glazed or soaked in pink. I prefer mine with ginger spice, perfect for a snack with a cup of warm tea. I've often shared this in dream land with my mon ami here.


Clue : You'd probably prefer this with a smooth peel but my tree bears one with a velvety, suede like peel. It still makes me wonder how such blooms from one single tree could bear both sour and sweet variety. How? How?


Not growing any fruiting trees? It's alright ..who knows .. a bird or two may drop a seed on a pot in your place and if you give it a chance to grow .. you might one day, find a bloom similar to any of these so why don't you enjoy the ride and let's see how many gardening peeps get to guess the right answer.

Know which plant bears these blooms? Shout it out on the comment below. Please don't be greedy and kindly answer just one!!!!! Thank you!

Btw, I shared about what I love about their fruits and what I often make out of my harvest. Care to also share what you do with yours?

This content's 100% mine . I took the pics with my D Eye.. Practicing ORGANIC GARDENING? Join us in the chat. Not into organic gardening but is in the EU and gardening? Join us as well!

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Thank you for posting dear @englishtchrivy.

Mon ami.....I shall take a guess.....of pears....are they not? ^__^

Lovely photographs...every one of them.....appreciate you bringing Spring to Steemit........sweet.

This is a lovely format for a post.....a fun filled Q and A.

bleujay' has an apple tree and black current bushes.

Wishing you all the best.

Am still having issues with chat.....are you?.....thought I would send you a note in Discord. ^__^



thank you
shall we share a fresh one of the "conferrence" sort?

I hope your apples and black currant bring you much harvest this year
sounds like you're still busily doing our hobby :)
enjoy it mon ami!

every time I see my tulips, I can't help but be reminded of you
because of your skye fleur series

chat was working but I haven't been on for days now
just here to return a few ups but I'd be logging out soon, too

I'll go check discord before I leave
have a great weekend!
I hope it's sunny on your side ^ ^

Cherries, that first one?

You sure grow many fruits! Must drop by some time and steal look at them.



you can't
there's a censor that peeps in the backyard :)
and the veggie garden has cameras
you'll get caught hahaha ^ ^


de mens lezen niet meer huh
gewoon zeggen wauw mooi
ik ben vandaag kort lontje .. of moet ik eigenlijk "ik heb " zeggen
wat is juist?
die nep comments irriteert me toch
maar .. emo off gellukkig maar het is online
fff .. ogen rollen
te veel slijmers hier
of is de spelling fout ?


Nice coment. Folow my bak. 8-)

"Heb een kort lontje". "Slijmerds." En dat zijn het. Bloody spammers and sycophants.


oh zo .. heb dus
dank je wel

ja .. wat denk ze van ons 3 jarige?
weet jij .. in de Filipijnen "follow" klinkt hetzelfde asl "palo" betekent "slaan"
why not toch ..
als het maar kan .. maar helaas ben ik ook geen fan van geweld dus
die comments vind ik echt irritant
doe normaal toch ..

oh dat doen wij ook niet wahahha

I churn them with olives, pepper and a squeeze of lemon and mint.

hmmm ... is it capers?


thanks for trying
but their flowers look like that of an orchid :)


try again


i only knew about the cherry tree. the others ... no clue. not to worry.

Lovely pitures, much flour, Japon is great in autumn.

Hahaha, just kidding!

Relax mss Ivy, focus on those comments that do really respond in all honestly. Consider the rest seeds of weeds that were blown here by the wind.

And as a botanic numnutz I am sorry to fail here badly. Still I did enjoy the beauty of nature you shared here.


thanks ..
fff tappen :D


You're welcome.

Think I'm gonna tap some too. ☺👍


fijne weekend Oaldamst
vandaag ff chillen toch?
gisteren was ff druk buiten
maar wij blijven toch binnen
te veel oranje doet mijn ogen pijn
en S heeft zijn stem terug maar heel zacht
als of hij fluistert
dus .. mooilijk
maar vandaag gaan de sprinkhanen ff uit
ff plezier maken
ik ga naar de garden of eden lol ^ ^

veel plezier vandaag en groetjes aan jullie allemaal!
relax :)

Excellent photographs my dear!

Cherry tree

Wow, they are gorgeous 😍

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Not easy this questionnaire! ha
The 4th picture, I would say a cabbage? 🤔

This is so beautiful to see don't know much but they look lovely :)

Amiging picture quality. excellent photography of beautiful flower. thanks a lot for sharing this.....@englishtchrivy

Hi Ivy,
Nice to see nature is blooming again. Last week, with the warmth of the sun, everything exploded! Almost overnight trees and bushes went green! Beautiful! Roses in our backgarden, where Esther put some metal support beams under, grew up to 15 cm's!

I will make some pictures of our garden and post them. Hope to see you both soon!

Greetings and a handshake from Emmerich.




regards to Esther!
we were just thinking about you, two
sorry for the late reply
been under the weather and was offline

you should post more about gardening
that would be better

maak maar ook een introduceyourself post
een zoals dit

van ons twee!

it's so beautiful, i love it.

Fabulous one!!

Someone has comment the answer even if I want to try.. a bit late hehe.

Thanks for sharing those beautiful flower shots from your garden. @englishtchrivy

Amazing photography :) I like them all ;)

That post was like a big riddle game. But as soon as I read about the plant that smells like garlic with white blossoms I thought about Allium ursinum.

And to your next riddle:
Clue : You'd probably prefer this with a smooth peel but my tree bears one with a velvety, suede like peel.

I believe it is a peach blossom. I love peach especially velvety skin one :)


thanks for trying
unfortunately, I put it up there to kindly answer just one
so I won't be able to acknowledge any of both
but thanks a lot for guessing

Beautiful flower, I like your post @englishtchrivy

very nice flower dear

What a great photo I really like the photo of your macro flower is very smooth postering and detail should be proud to be like you..

May you be more successful in your work @englishtchrivy 👍


thank you,
that's very kind of you ...