The beauty of the edelweiss flower

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This flower is an edemic plant that grows in mountainous areas. Some mountains are famous for its edelweiss flowers, among others; Gunung Gede, Mount Rinjani, and Mount Merbabu.
The common features of this flower are white flower petals and usually bloom in the period April-August.
Famous for its beauty and not easily withered, edelweis bears the nickname as a perennial flower. But unfortunately this nickname is inversely proportional to the existing conditions, many people who pick edelweis and take it as a 'souvenir', it actually makes edelweis threatened with extinction. Indeed many have understood that pulling and bring edelweis down from the mountain is an act that is not allowed. And every climbing place has set up rules to appeal to the climbers not to pick edelweis, but there are still many who do not bother.
In addition to violating the ethical code of mountain climbing, revoking edelweis can be threatened with punishment according to Law Number 5 of 1990 Concerning Conservation of Ecosystem Resource Article 33 paragraph 1.


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