Hello to all photography lovers!

First of all, I would like to thank all the participants of this first 🌸 FLOWER POWER PHOTO CONTEST BY FLAMINGIRL 🌸 because the level was excellent!

Here is the winner of this Day #6 who will be selected for the final and also the other participants whose work was great! I voted all your blogs and I invite you to participate in the LAST DAY!!! 🙌
I can't wait to see your work! The competition is difficult because I repeat, the quality of your photos exceeds my expectations! I think that it will not be the last contest of this kind that I will organize ... ^^


  • Each user has 1 entry per day that will be valid for the challenge. So those who posted several photos, I do not disqualify you but I select the first photo automatically =).

  • It's possible to join the contest at any time. Let's play guys!

THE DAILY WINNER IS: @eduardo.waldo

Flora Exótica
Conocida comúnmente como “Bastón del emperador” responde al nombre científico de Etlingera elatior y es originaria de Indonesia. Se halla hoy en día distribuida por todas las regiones tropicales del planeta incluido Venezuela desde donde tomé esta fotografía.

La belleza de esta flor para mi no tiene comparación, espero tambien la aprecien tanto como yo.


2: @sunscape

Here is a budding Clematis flower that grows up one of my birdhouse poles. This particular one only grows about 4 foot tall and usually only gets about 6 or 7 flowers per year. It is not a robust variety like some of them are but I still love to see it when it blooms each June. The pink striped flowers are actually quite stunning, so how could one not enjoy its beauty. Happy #flowerpower Sunday to all. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thank you @flamingirl for this fun contest I really enjoyed submitting some of my flowers for you to judge.

This contest is initiated by @flamingirl and is going to be a lot of fun to see all the #flowerpower entries, which are always my favorites.

Nikon D5000 + Sigma AF 17-50

3: @boddhisattva

This little flower grew on my parents' summer home plot last summer.
One day, when my parents were watering a flower garden, I walked up and saw how the water drops remaining on the flower shine in the sun.
I just could not help but try to take a picture of it.

4: @bigsambucca

The beautiful Cherry Blossom flower a most pure and elegant flower these gorgeous flowers are a symbolic flower of the spring representing the rebirth of spring unfortunately after two weeks of been in full bloom they fall of the tree and die of till next spring. These Cherry Blossom trees are very associated with Japanese culture.

5: @maquemali

We went out for a little walk with my little boy. And we came to a stop as we encounyer this pinkish red flowers blooming radiantly. Our first instinct was to go near it and savor its beauty.

We call it Santan, it belongs to the family of flowering plants under Rubiaceae. It is practically a shrub. They can be found almost anywhere here for they can be easily be planted.

These beautiful blossoming flowers are but tiny and small. And they bloom in groups, more like a bouquet of flowers!

Congratulations @eduardo.waldo and Thank you to all participants!!!

See you soon for the DAY #7 of the 🌸 FLOWER POWER PHOTO CONTEST 🌸


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Nice photo

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great pick @flamingirl ;) I'm participating today ;) greetings from rainy Austria :)


Thanks my dear!!! I can't wait to see your photo 🙏🤗🥳
Greeting from sunny Barcelona 😜

Thank you so much @flamingirl for the HONORABLE MENTION and congrats to all the other winners !!

Beautiful flowers

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My entry for-LAST DAY @flamingirl

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The winning photo is stunning! Thank you again for the honorable mention flamingirl

Hello flamingirl,
just saw that you're hosting another photo-contest. Hopefully, this still enters the final round. Thanks for hosting.

Felicidades a los ganadores son unas imagenes muy hermosas, aqui les dejo mi entrada para el dia 7.

Wax doll / Muñeca de cera