Snapdragon in july

3년 전

Snapdragon in july

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Snapdragon (Antirrhinum) - an ornamental plant often found in gardens. They are often decorated with flower beds in parks and boulevards of cities.

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you have many beautiful flowers around you, I wish I did :)


А разве у Вас вокруг дома не растут цветы?


we have roses but my landlord is strange about us planting our own things, we planted a garden and they made us remove it, it's very strange. the neighbors have a nice garden in front of their house and i like to stand there and talk on the phone, smells really nice and looks good too, this is about all i have


i changed my photo for you :)

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У Вас, наверное, тоже много цветов вокруг?


Не то слово, просто руки не доходят делится их фото.

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