Mellow Yellow.

2년 전

I titled this photograph Mellow Yellow, however these flowers are anything but!

The beauty of these flowers is not found in many other species.

They’re not a simple yellow but are dotted along their petals in a random fashion.

The contrast of the red dots to the yellow really makes this flower pop out and grab your attention.

I’ve never seen one like this before - this was taken at my local botanical garden.

There are so many beautiful species of flowers here that I will share with you all.

Please enjoy!7C21992F-5B00-48D4-B957-CCBFE27FF919.jpeg

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the appeal of flowers is lost. Sure, they look pretty and smell nice, but are they a functional gift.

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Really, the beauty of this flower captured my attention to open the blog. I want to know the name of this species. btw you have captured real beauty in your cam


Thank you I greatly appreciate that!

Beautiful picture and excellent post, I invite you to visit my blog, greetings

nice flower ;;;; hope u visit my blog to see more

Beautiful photo and very beautiful orchid !!!
This orchid is called Wanda.
I will be interested to see other flowers of your botanical garden!