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Sex has been a taboo for as long as I can remember. Nobody has ever been bold and vocal enough to talk about their sexual preferences. People are embarrassed and ashamed to talk about what makes them happy and that is hard to watch. To be true our society seems to have progressed quite a bit but even now in some parts of the world talking about sex is still a sin.

In my personal experience, I have heard of many people who have loved using sex toys but have been scared of embarrassment while admitting in front of others. According to a leading portal, 54% of the women hide their sex toys like dildos and vibrators in their wardrobe from their spouses and use it in solitude. The fear of judgement always prevails over self love. It’s a struggle in overcoming the stigma attached to SEX TOYS IN INDIA.

So what are the reasons that women hesitate to use dildos and vibrators with their spouses? First, men make a huge deal out of a sex toy. They definitely feel insecure for not being capable enough to satisfy their partner. They feel insecure of the size and sight of their partner being satisfied with something that is not them.

These circumstances has always led to problems in relationships. Hiding sex toys in the wardrobe and not talking about them just hurts everyone. A research states that conferring and discussing sexual preferences actually boost sexual relationships and experiences. There are many scenarios where possessing sex toys have actually saved relationships.

So let’s dive into what are the best selling products for women in the current situation.
1. DILDO - Dildos are by far the best products that are highly preferred by women. It is difficult for women to have orgasm in the first place, and dependance on a partner for that worsens it. It reduces the dependance on partners for sexual satisfaction.
2. VIBRATORS- vibrators are these god sent products that help in stimulating the g spot, vulva and clitoris. This enhances the sexual experience manifold.
3. BUTT PLUGS - In the entire sexual play, the anal foreplay is mostly neglected. The rectum area contains of nerve endings, which when stimulated can enhance the overall sexual experience.

It’s high time that people normalise this idea of self love. In a relationship, there is nothing to hide about. To be vocal about sexual preferences help is developing a healthy relationship. Secrets and lies will just destroy
the beauty withheld in a relationship.

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