Celebratory post to my 1000 followers

3년 전

Thank you to be 1000! Probably 80% are fake accounts, but...GRAZIE!
This is more or less the relationship I have with my followers: I love when they mistreat me and they love me when I call them bastards.


Thanks to listen to my bullshits about love-life-expectations, to watch some of my childish paintings and inane photo galleries and comment my drug experiments and my dangerous sexual habits (oh, that needs a new post).
I became close to some of you and every day I look forward to read your last updates any time, my friends.
Thank you for your support.

Now another selfie after an hard day on the beach

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Thank you for being there!!



Oh for fuck sake, I forgot. Is it too late?

Fine fine. I'm writing it now!

Let's see now how much it will take you to gain the 10k followers :-)


WHo knows! Maybe 5 years...


I bet it will be by the end of the year.
If I'm right you'll go out on a date with me, if not...choose your reward...

Do you dare? :-)


Congrats with your milestone, cheers!


Cheers :) I was almost tented to nominate you for the openmiccomedy, then I didn't want to put you under pressure. You know, pensi and bieber...


Thanks for being so considerate. Needed that.

Btw, are you sure she has a pensi?



Congratulations on the big K!

DAngerous sexual habits...lol!


Who knows, right? I just wrote a post about how to become a digital nomad. You must be the master of it.

Congrats on the followers. I'm pretty sure we have as much fun as you do. Following you. Keep up the wonderworks. (Where was the pie in the eye done? Is that at home, now?) Thanks, Mr. Curious

PS. You're going to need a vacation from your vacation, with all this intense beaching and such. Hhhhhhhhh (I just learned that one from @enternamehere. So much to learn on this big Internet, so little time. But at least I have very smart friends ( :


We are all getting smarter and smarter and exchanging different types of knowledge.
Actually, in 5 days I'm back to my usual job and after 4 days I'going on a long weekend to release the stress from the trip and to re-adjust!!! It's not a joke.

Here's to 5,000 more! I'm your #1 fake fan :D


Yeaaaaaaaah! And I just nominated you, now you are in deep shit!


How deep is this shit of which you speak?


Ohhh, that's how deep. I just got showed that post...I accept this nomination!



You look very beautiful and happy. Rest up and be good to yourself.


Yep yep! I'm doing less than nothing at the moment <3

Nice name, Sandra!
Greetings from Sander.


Thank you! You have a beautiful name too :)

Oooh, congrats mi amiga, I am going to be having some 'hard' days on the beach soon too :)


Waiting to see the photos

Woohoo! Congrats on reaching the milestone, bud! Not many reach this point and live to tell the tale!

Congratulations @sandrina.life on reaching 1001 followers in only 314 days!

I wish you continued success!

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I have followed and upvoted you.

Your smile is always the one I'm waiting for in every post. love you 😍😍


Cooooooool. I love to be loved!


really, you are willing to love me

I love being one of your followers.

My favorite post so far was the one about the house your dad and gramps built. I loved the last picture of your dad eating some pasta. I wanted to eat bread so I could eat olive oil from your farm.

You're awesome ❤️


Ahah! You are so incredibly sweet!! Thank you for being here ❤️
You are more than awesome.

Priceless gif!!!! 😂

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