Dinner In A Dumpster

4년 전

Who doesn’t like to go out for dinner, especially when you’re discovering a city’s latest dining hotspots? But as both our food and restaurant scene are continuously evolving, look for eye-popping dinner experiences to spring up.

In San Francisco, Salvage Supperclub offers you the latest restaurant experience: having dinner in a dumpster. Admitted, it’s not your ordinary dumpster when looking at the inside, as it’s decorated with hip light bulbs and fancy tables. However, this hipster-looking (welcome to San Francisco!) dumpster restaurant aims to offer more than just that.

In the U.S. only, 62.5 millions tons of food is wasted annually, of which 16% already takes place at the farm. The 84% is being wasted by either consumers at home, restaurants or grocery stores. Salvage Supperclub offers meals made of products that otherwise would have been thrown away. Ingredients are picked up at various grocery stories and retailers in ‘imperfect products’ and are turned into restaurant-like dishes.

The goal of Salvage Supperclub — a dining series created by Josh Treuhaft — is to start a conversation about food waste. As Truehaft notes, “Salvage Supperclub is about inspiring and empowering people to make the most of the eatable food in their lives. There is untapped potential in that food that, for some reason — not to their own fault — is going to waste. What we do is host multi-course dining experiences where every course is made out of food that would otherwise become waste.”

Profits that are being made with the dinners hosted by Salvage Supperclub go to organizations that feed people who are in need, by offering them too food that would have otherwise gone to waste. Salvage Supperclub therefore doesn’t only help the ones in need, but perhaps more importantly, aims to create consciousness among all with respect to our own food waste. And this, of course, is something only a dumpster would be a suitable place for. Bon appétit!

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