Dostion kye saath enjoye

3년 전

ajj mera dost mera pass ayaai tha aur maine ajj bhut hai zaida enjoye bhi kya apni dost kye saath.maine apni dost kye saath ajj chips khanee gyaa tha.ajj mere ghar maine mera dost ayaai tha aur maine apni dost kye saath ajj uss ny new bike lie hai uss lyeahi woh apni new bike lai kar ayaai tha hum chips khanee gyee hai aur ajj kye din hum logion na bhut hai zaida enjoye bhi kya aur khoub mazaa kya hum na.chips mujhe bhut achi lagte hai mera dost bhi chips bhut hai zaida shouq sy khtai hai.humera ajj mode banyai kye ajj hum chips khanee chalye gyee ajj jao chips khai woh bhut hai zaida mazaa kye thy.



mere dost bhut hai zaida achi hai hum loojidher bhi jatey hai akthai hai jatey hai saath maine hum dostion na colddrink bhi pai thy ajj kyo kye cold drink saath maine bhut zaida achi lagte hai aur mujhe bhut hai zaida pasand bhi hai cold drink maine bhut hai zaida shouq sy phaitai hoo colddrink.

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