rice yield

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This afternoon, I harvested rice in the south west. Today's good harvest, though a little unsatisfactory, but it is the blessing of God that we must be grateful for. Not only me, who got a poor harvest, almost 70% of the average yield of rice this year was not satisfactory, I think, because it is not a simultaneous rice planting, like last year, we dropped to the ground simultaneously, but year this is not the case.

In my opinion, the development of rice that is planted in an unrelenting manner, greatly influences its growth,
One of which is.
When rice is cut on the right and left of our land that is not ready for harvest, then the pest, called "bana" will move to the area of ​​rice that is not ready for harvest or still young, the water factor that is not stable also affects rice.



Our complaint, hopefully it will not happen again in the season down to the next field.
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