the easiest -fast breakfast you can make

4년 전

as sometimes i do not have time to cook a proper meal for breakfast such as : bacon,eggs and sausages. i resort to the old way of doing things as i remember it from my childhood in Morocco. it is bread and butter or bread and cream cheese breakfast. today,i decided to do that and keep it is what i have made.

toasted sliced italian bread

Cream cheese and light butter as condiments

I added my favorite coffee brand : Dunkin donuts iced-mocha coffee.! delicious

enjoy is cheaper and faster to make your own basic fast treats. at least you know how safe the product you are eating is! please up vote and comment. more posts are on the way as i cook all the time ! thank you so much.

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this is classic also here in europe. We just put some jam on top of butter. Or I like crispies and müsli and pour over hot milk. Fast and easy


very true. the simpler , the better. basic food that cost less and yet very practical.