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A lovely, bright morning to you all . How do you do today? I trust that after the wonderful soccer yesterday, we feel lifted.

Welcome to yet another webisode of your favourite program on the blockchain- "Saturday dining with adoore-eu*

crowd cheering

Last week, we had a wonderful time with @gee1, the steem evangelist. She had a nice time too, she said. Thanks all for being nice to her.

To our new friends in the house,I say welcome to your favourite blockchain restaurant, here we eat with the eyes. Hahaha. We present some sumptuous meals to you and get a taster to come appraise our cooking. At the end, we take you through how the meal was made.

Our guest for today is already in the house. He just arrived. Am so honoured he could come. However, before we introduce him, as usual, lets show you last week menu

That is OHA SOUP presented before @gee1.
Other foods in our kitchen include but not limited to

and many more
Did you like what you saw??You will learn for free how to make all by checking the posts on this blog, @adoore-eu.

**LETS BEGIN** Ladies and gentlemen, its time to start the show. Join me in welcoming our guest. Most of you must have heard of him but you really may not know him. His friends even may not have met him. Lols. Please welcome this amiable, hardworking, handsome youngman.

This is @rufans of @airhawk-exchange.

clouds cheering
clapping continues

He made it all the way down here in spite of his busy schedule.

@adoore-eu ~ So nice to have you sir.

@rufans~ Wow, @adoore-eu, so good to be here. Thanks for the intro

@adoore-eu ~ An honour to meet you. You really do have a lot of fans. How come? They kept clapping and clapping.

@rufans~ What can I say?well, waving to the crowd thanks guys. One love.

@adoore-eu~Welcome bro to my kitchen. This program is called **Saturday dining with @adoore-eu. Many friends are in the audience watching right now, even on twitter, i just want to know you better, I mean you and food aspect of you. So if i may ask do you like food?

@rufans~ Lols. Is there someone who does not like food? Mehn I love food.

@adoore-eu~ Its good to know. I wanted to make sure its not just sbd trading alone you love

@rufans~ Hahaha, quite alright I do my job at @airhawk exchange but for real I love food

@adoore-eu~Ok, let meet you. Who is @rufans?

@rufans~ I'm Solomon Stephen, Also known as Rufans. A computer engineering student, Delta State son 😌, grew up in Lagos State and schooling in Ogun state

@adoore-eu~ Wow, still Schooling and busy like that in @airhawk?

@rufans~ Yes, thats why I am a man.

@adoore-eu~ hmmm. Strong man, i must say. Please whats your favorite food?

@rufans~Rice of any kind ( jollof , white , coconut etc😃

@adoore-eu~ Hmm, i like the sound of coconut rice. Quite a long time i ate it too

@rufans~Its one of my best

@adoore-eu~ What's your first cooking experience like?

@rufans~ It was awesome, delicious and surprising 😮 because, I really enjoyed it even tho I didn't add the ingredients when I was suppose to. But the meal ended up having the right taste.😋

@adoore-eu~Hahaha, thank God it came out right.But what was your fear the first time you cooked?

@rufans~Too much /less of salt 😒

@adoore~ Wow, what meal didn't you like while growing up and why?

@rufans~ I hated these ones below:
(1) Any type of soup that draws
(2) beans
(3) yam ( porridge or white yam) 😞
Naturally I don't like these meals. I don't like the soups because they're irritating (draws), I get tired chewing yam and I think I have not eaten enough of beans in my life. In fact I have only eaten beans like 5times this year(2018)

@doore-eu~ Hahaha, five times? Jeez, you really dont like it then

@rufans~I'm telling you

@adoore-eu~What food do you enjoy making any time, any day?

@rufans~ Rice with sardine.

@adoore-eu~Hahahaha, permit me to speak pidgin English. Dem dey take sardine chop rice?You are really a student

@rufan~ Hahahaha. I make it everytime

@adoore-eu~ What's your worst mistake in the kitchen?

@rufans~Maybe not adding enough salt to a meal

@adoore-eu~ Lols. Tell me some funny food combinations you never think you could try

@rufans~ I will never try eating rice with ogbono, okro and ewedu soup😞

@adoore-eu~ Hahaha, how about those you tried that worked or you enjoyed

@rufans~ Ah, they are:
(1) Milo + powered milk + bread ( no water)😋 @ezinwakenneth can testify 💯
(2) eba and beans 😝

@adoore-eu ~eba and beans?
@rufans~ Yes

@adoore-eu ~ Wow, it has been nice chatting with you . pls what do you think about my kitchen. Any suggestion?

@rufans~ It is awesome blog niche ✌️. Thank you so very much for having me here
How about starting Video call interviews ? 🤔

@adoore-eu~ That would be nice. Thank you So much. I appreciate. Please come over to the dining area, let me fix you a meal.

serving his favourite food

@adoore-eu~ Please , taste my cooking and appraise my kitchen. I will prefer to have your comment in the reply or feedback section ok?Thank you so much for coming.

@rufans~ Right. Thank you so much for the great meal and opportunity

@adoore-eu~ My pleasure. Bye for now.

guest leaves

That was @rufans of @airhawk. Follow him in his blog and get quality review of products or all about cryptocurrency trading.

Thank you viewers and readers its been wonderful having you here. Stay a little while longer and enjoy the rest of the program

The guest's favourite meal is rice of any kind. So jollof rice was served. Lets share the recipe here

~ Meat(Turkey)
~Tomatoes/ pepper/ onions
~Groundnut oil
~Tomato paste
~Seasoning/ salt
~Carrot (optional)
~Runner beans(optional)

~Slice all there is to slice
~Blend your tomato (optional)
~Wash and boil the meat
~Fry the meat . When soft, keep the stock aside
~Fry the onions, pepper and tomato paste
~Add the fresh tomato and fry together. The fresh tomato should fry up to your taste.

~Add the meat stock, add seasoning and salt to taste

~Add little water ( depending on the quantity of rice)
~Allow to boil
~ Wash the rice into the boiling stock

~Taste for salt and seasoning if necessary
~Cover and all to cook
~When the rice is 95% cooked, add your carrot and runner/ spring beans.

~Simmer for 2-3 minutes and put it down.

Oulalalacious!! Your jollof rice is ready

Do you care for a taste too? Join in



~Answer only one question
~Mention the username of the customer.

1.She is a relationship therapist who features on Saturday morning.

  1. He is a co-founder of steempinsula ( if not the real founder)

  2. She is a young beautiful pharmacist, never lost any contest

A kitchen token awaits every correct responder


What do you think? Should a man take food to work everyday with a flask or eat out?
Should a woman always wake up to cook and fill her husband's flask with food every morning?

Express yourself . You might win a kitchen token

Our activity for next week will include our kitchen review for the past 3months. Feel free to drop your comments about my kitchen with/without your name on my:
Discord: @adoore-eu #8902
Whatsapp: 08034625048
Email: brigieangel@gmail.com



I like to say thank you to all who have been of immerse support of this program and my blog.

My donators so far , @eurogee, @nairadaddy, @jeaniepearl and @jeline I say thank you so much. May God richly bless you .

To my guest @rufans, thanks for your time, for honouring my invite and for everything. Its a pleasure having you this week.

To my dearies- my supporters, readers, viewers, upvoters, and resteemers, without you, there will not be this program. Thanks for your generous comments also. It has given me more confidence to go on.

Once again, thanks everyone. See you same time next week.
All food images are mine, made and presented here

I adore you

From @adoore-eu
Your block chain chef

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You're making everybody so hungry!

Thanks to @seyiodus, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

This kitchen has been doing so great, what a wonderful meal early this morning, I’m so happy for seeing this on your blog ma. You make the blockchain more interesting everyday Saturday morning.... no doubt, you’re he best chef.

My contribution
It’s more preferable for a man to take his meal to office rather eating it at home. He will have to resume to office as early as he can, and so many things must be put in place for achieving early resumption to office. A man residing in Sango or Barger Lagos and work in Lekki will for no reason leave home latest by 07:00, if he don’t want to fail. Considering the traffic he will encounter on his way to office and some others factors.....

Qst3 @Eunireal1


You are right in your answer. Thanks for participating and for visiting always. A token will be sent

What do you think? Should a man take food to work everyday with a flask or eat out?
Should a woman always wake up to cook and fill her husband's flask with food every morning?

I think this is for the couple to decide. Let's say for instance, if the wife is a full time housewife, she should be able to prepare something light for her husband to eat before leaving for work or if he prefers it in a flask, then a flask it is. But in the case that the wife has a job of her own coupled with housework that must be done, they can come to an agreement on something; either she prepares the meal the previous evening before bed so she'll just heat it for the husband to eat Or if she can wake up early enough to get the children ready for school plus cook for her husband, fine.

It's a decision the couple must make in order not to stress the woman too much.

I also know some cases where some husbands have no time for food. They eat out not because they want to, but because they need to leave very early and wouldn't want to disturb the wife from her other duties.

Do you care for a taste too? Join in

I am coming 🏃🏃🏃🏃

God bless you more ma 💖💖


You are awesome. Thanks for your unbaised contribution


Lol. @imbigdee. Better quickly edit and choose no 2 as your answer. The rule says one question only.


You have disqualified yourself @imbigdee. You're to answer just one


Dear, you corrected @imbigdee but you too answered twice? Hahaha. How come?


Thanks for participating. I appreciate your coming. Your answer is right. But i guess someone mentioned it first. All the same thanks, you will get something


Lol. Thanks dear. I've answered another one sha. Hope it counts though

Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! @wafrica is now following you! ALWAYs follow @wafrica and use the wafrica tag!


Copy Copy. Weldone oooo


Lol. Na you sabi 😂😂😂


You are to answer only one question ma. You have answered and mentioned @zizymena in a question before


You are to answer
Only one question ma. You
Have answered before

                 - adoore-eu

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow @rufans in the building. I am coming to meet you for my share. So you can eat,hehe ,sbd/sp boss exchanger.lol

Weldone Ma'am, thanks for spicing up my saturdays with this. Learning plus fun.
Thanks for the token. Received.

My View
The husband can get something light in the mornings. Toast and tea or bread,eggs and tea or spaghetti with stew.
The wife can prepare meals for him maybe like twice a week.
They should discuss and plan for the arrangement. Whatever,works for them.

Some men don't even like carrying flasks to work. And this is where @adoore-eu kitchen will be needed. Mini restaurant for workplaces lol. Sha,don't make the food too sweet o so that husbands don't start comparing it with their wives' own.


Hahahahaha, @esttyb, its not only husbands that patronize my kitchen. Single guys and ladies too. Even married women are free to drop coolers, i cook for them and they go home and pour into their pots. I have gone to some homes to teach both husband and wife some delicacies. Nobody is taking nobody's husband with food. I have mine. There shouldnt be any comparism.


True. Just kidding anyways.
Wish you were in lagos, will have paid a visit. lol Keep up the good work!


Come make I carry you go meat her 🤩


We are talking about food , you're still calling me Mr exchanger 🙄. This girl just love sbd pass anything

Congratulations to @rufans for making it to this hot seat. I advice you take more of beans o because that's the most common plant protein in Nigeria. It's very important, and I trust you know the roles proteins play in the body.

Kudos to @adoore-eu for another awesome episode!


@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities


Thanks boss, i appreciate you, always


Beans is not Just delicious 🙄


Try my beans bros. You will be demanding weekly for a start

Wow, another interesting episode here
I wonder y most guys dont like draw soup oo and @rufans, you should try it often.
And i love that bread, milk and milo with no water.
Leme teach you another style...
That bread add butter first, then sprinkle the mixed milk and milo and small suger... That the best sandwish ever. Lmao.
You can still add sandin oo. Lolss

For me i would prefer cooking my hubby meal, rather than him eating outside

Number 2 is @eunireal1

Leme come and be going.
And by the way mummy @adoore-eu jave gotten the assignment you gave me😘😜🏃🏃


Thanks so much dearie. I appreciate you a lot . @ eunireal1 is not number two besides it has been mentioned


🤣🤣🤣 this person killed me

That bread add butter first, then sprinkle the mixed milk and milo and small suger... That the best sandwish ever. Lmao.


Thanks for your response but @zizymena is not the answer


Lol... 😂😂😂

So El-rufai came here....interesting
Well done blockchain chef....you are amazing.
@rufans, i hope you didn't finish the food.


Hahahaha, he didnt finish it ma. He was considerate

Anything with rice is awesome and lovely like you.


Thank you so much dear


Hey girl, how are you?

Thank you very much ma'am 🙌

Can a guest come twice in your show 😂?
Me I want to eat again o


Hahahahaha. It's a restaurant. A guest can keep coming everyday. No qualms .

Just know that the second time you come here, i will gently introduce you to draw soup. Have you eaten ogbono soup made with stock fish? They will pound fufu and mix the fufu with cocoyam. Lastly, you ensure you eat it right there in the mortar. If you taste it, you will be grateful to God for the sense of taste and not only dorf your cap for the cook but you will always shave your hair. Hahaha

Hello ma'am, you are so good at what you do. Keep being awesome, I am sorry I came late.


So nice to see you. I enjoyed your program this week also

Wow. My mouth is really watering right now


Hmm. I really need to do something about it o

Men!.. These are mouth watering dishes.. My hunger level is already rising... Nice job.


Thank you so much

I was just busy going through the pictures and licking my lips. Am salivating already. Please you have to do something about it 😋 😋 😋


I will. Thank you

mummy chef ooo, how come I have never tasted your food, Is nor fair oooo


Hahahaha, you have been very busy playing guitar and piano. I havent come to disturb you yet because i love your music

Am salivating already.....
Nice job dear....more grease to your elbow
I received the token.....It's well appreciated.


Its ok ma, thanks